YaHuWaH is revealing more serious revelations to us that we were NEVER taught in Babylon. We are living in the last of the last days and NOW is the time to start eating the real meat of the scriptures. We NOW know that pastors don’t care and don’t have a LOVE for the creator or the truth, so WE must look to the scriptures and shepherd our own family and our own souls. It’s VERY disappointing to find that many people who have been sitting in the Babylonian churches for 40+ years (pastors included) are STILL drinking her sweet sugary milk and shockingly they are OK with it! As a result, you have 40+ year old fat, plump babies that have been fed these sugary sweet, happy time messages for so long that the little teeth they DO have are rotten!



Their teeth are so bad that it hurts them to eat the REALRAW, TRUE meat of the word. When the 100% truth is shared with these types of Christians, they have a HARD time accepting that they have been lied to all their lives (by their loving Christian pastor, friends and family). Their minds are totally blown when they truly find out that the words "LORD' and "GodARE pagan titles. We truly understand the frustration and betrayal to find out that after centuries, the name Jesus is proven to be a 100% false name! People can’t fathom that the true savior’s name was YaHuWShuWA, who he came in his Father’s name YaHuWaH, died on a tree for ALL our sins, rose again on the 3rd day, was Hebrew / ABaRiY, and NOT Aramaic, Greek or Latin (historical / scriptural evidence proves this!). 


People couldn’t care less about the father and son’s TRUE names, because the Babylonian churches DON'T EVER teach how critical knowing the true names REALLY is. Our VERY salvation is tied to reverencing and proclaiming the true names (at least 200 specific verses of scripture prove this to be 100% true). When the REAL RAW truth is presented to a Christian in this fat, plump, infant stage they can’t chew or swallow it. They are NOT use to the RAW, PURE taste of the truth (they prefer sugar on it), and their stomach does NOT know how to digest it, so they choke and spit it out! This is due to the horrible, artificially sweetened spiritual diet these modern-day pastors feed to their flock. Pastors compromise the pure word to fit the wants of their congregation in order to keep the lies going and their seats / wallets full (YaShAYaHuW 30:10 "Isaiah"). In the good old days parents (and other families) knew right and wrong. They weren't afraid to stand for what was right, correct kids on the street, they raised their children to grow in maturity, fed them healthy, home cooked meals, they taught them to be self-sufficient, showed them how to think for themselves, prepared them to move out the house, and then eventuality, they would raise THEIR own kids in that same fashion.


On the other hand, pastors are choosing to keep their congregations weak, fat and dependent like babies. Pastors use the pacifier to keep them from crying, they feed them ONLY sweet milk from a bottle so that they don’t grow up. Pastors hand feed them with a baby spoon, sugar coated lies or candy caned half-truths so that they don’t think or do for themselves. Pastors shield them from the HARD truth so they don’t mature, they won’t speak HARD against sin or pagan worship and they incorporate fun worldly entertainment so that people don’t move out, and pastors keep their flock dumbed down, that way they wont know the truth to teach their kids.


In doing so, this process will ensure that the NEXT generation of people will follow in the footsteps of their parents and become faithful financial supporters of the Babylonian whore church (cult / mental slavery). We can say these things from experience. Looking back after 60+ dedicated years (totaling ALL our years)in the Babylonian church, we can FOR SURE speak on it! HOW can someone expect to grow deeper in the things of our king, when ALL they are being fed on SUN-days (SUN god "BaAL" worship day) is the harlot’s sweet sugary milk?In the natural sense, how can one expect to lose body fat, get stronger, become physically fit, and build muscle if their diet consists of eating fast foods, full of sugar or junk? Sure it smells, tastes and feels good in your belly at that time, but in the long run it holds NO REAL nourishment and is killing you. 


Coming into the truth causes you to really re-evaluate your life in ALL areas, including your health. When you humbly ask YaHuWaH to take over every aspect of your life, HE WILLYaHuWaH will show you how to eat biblical, how to please him and how to keep your temple clean, so that his RuWaCh (spirit) can dwell there. Along our continual journey to be the best we I can for the King, there are few critical facts that we have learned along the way. Everyone knows that if you want a healthier life and gym lifestyle, sugar is the enemy. Your eating lifestyle (some will call it a diet) is EVERYTHING and can make or BREAK you!!!


Anyone in the fitness industry will tell you that the time you put in the gym is NOT where the success comes from, but its your eating lifestyle (or DIET) and what you do outside the gym on a daily basis that REALLY counts. DON'T get us wrong, the gym for sure helps, but it will only enhance your success. One can KILL themselves in the gym every session but if their daily diet is trash, they are just spinning their wheels and NOT going anywhere. The same goes for our walk with the Creator, just because someone goes to church every SUNday, sings in the choir, and volunteers for every pagan HELLi-day church event doesn't mean they are REALLY saved, or that they REALLY love the Creator! 

 People can show off and trick others by playing "SUNday church" or by saying they are walking in the truth or call on the true names, but the truth always comes out. They can facade all they want, but if they WILLINGLY REFUSE or mock the truth / correction which is brought to them (in love), still have a selfish heart, still are prideful, still love pagan traditions MORE than the Creator, still are unforgiving, still have hate in their heart, still continue profaning the true set apart names (by calling on false names), and their everyday lives STILL mirror this carnal worldly lifestyle, we are told to be separated from this contention. YaHuWaH WILL see right through the hypocrisy, and WILL NOT honor their worship AT ALL! This may sound really BOLD but sadly, it’s 100% true! Again, this is NEVER taught in the whore churches and in AMuWS 5:20-27 (Amos) and in YaShAYaHuW 1:13-24 (Isaiah), prove our statement to be 100% true! 

If you are a member of a gym and continue to go there for a number of years, over time you see the same people showing off in the gym ALL the time. They purposefully push up 2 or 3 heavy weighted reps, they shout really loud so that the whole gym hears and then just as fast as they were in, they’re out of the gym. Funny thing is, after all those years, their physiques have NOT changed. They still have a beer belly and still have NO substantial fat loss. NO doubt they love the praises from others in the gym, NO doubt they feel great and strong after those heavy lifts,but I guarantee that if they keep up the ego lifting and trashy diet, they will FOR SURE pay LATER in life. We give them credit for coming in and maybe that is the only time they have for the gym, but this also leads us to believe that their daily diet and lifestyle outside the gym does not match up.



One’s daily eating lifestyle is KEY to dropping fat in the natural and in the spiritual! Churches and SUNday sermons from these modern day local and TV pastors have become just like McDonald's, their congregations want Happy Meals. They want quick, easy, fun, emotional, make you feel HAPPY when you are sitting there sermons, but all along the way they are eating junk food and their souls are the TOYS their pastors are playing with! The masses of today want fast, quick and in a hurry messages, so that they can get back to being B.U.S.Y (Being Under ShaTaN's Yoke) with the things of THIS life (pleasing their spouse, friends and family)! People don’t care to ask their pastors about the truth and they don’t care to find out if they are swallowing down rotten lies and artificial half-truths on SUNdays. NO, they want their loving pastors to just add sugar to the word and make it taste sweet. Some Christians express that if their pastors’ sweet, soft as cotton, candy coated messages go beyond 40 minutes, they get antsy and are ready to leave because it’s WAY TOO LONG! Pastors have caused people to become spiritually malnourished, sick, fat, lazy and weak because their spiritual diet consists of artificially flavored, SUGARY, FAST FOOD JUNK! Changing the spiritual diet will cause people to lose the fat, have a healthier RuWaCh (spirit) and NO longer crave the sugary, artificially sweetened word, which is literally killing them!



Those of us at WOTR (and all who are warriors for YaHuWaH), challenge everyone to take your next SUNday OFF from the harlot church and stay at home to eat a good, home cooked meal in the RuWaCh. We understand for most, that your mothers, fathers, family and friends are in the harlot church, but the HARD truth is they don’t have a heaven or lake of fire to put you in, however the Creator does. Scriptures refer to the churches as the whore or harlot because "she" chose long ago to continually commit fortification / adultery with other false pagan gods against the Creator via pagan holiday worship (KhaZuWaN 17:15 "Revelation"). "She", meaning the roman catholic church, gave birth to ALL these false religions of the multitudes and nations, which have blasphemous tongues and speak false names. This is why the scriptures tell us in YaRaMiYaHuW 51:45 "Jeremiah" to "RUN out of her", because she, "the harlot" (Christian churches) already made her choice to serve false gods. The scriptures DON’T instruct us to "RUN into her to save her!" NO, we must leave her so that we don’t share the harlot’s plagues when YaHuWaH punishes her with them (KhaZuWaN 18:4 "Revelation"). 


Let’s make the choice to change our spiritual diet, STOP spending money (tithing) eating out ALL the time,on SUN god worship day. INSTEAD, let us make reservations to sit down with the Creator and have a REAL, quality meal in the RuWaCh. Let’s enjoy the quality time with the ABA (Father) and eat REAL, spiritually nutrient word (His son YaHuWShuWA)! When you are finished eating at the King’s table (spiritually), you will feel FULL and have JOY, as if you had just enjoyed your mom’s or grandmother’s awesome home cooking! We can BOLDLY say that we NOW know from experience that if a pastor is NOT calling on the true names of YaHuWaH and His son YaHuWShuWA, we highly question their salvation, which "god" they are getting their messages / sermons / revelations from and their motive for teaching the word to people! Every man that YaHuWaH has raised up to bring a message to the masses, was chosen / called do the Creators work, and ALL those men KNEW YaHuWaH’s true name! In scripture we have YET to find a person (that didn't know the true name), get chosen by YaHuWaH to bring a message to His elect. One thing for sure, when YaHuWaH did choose a person, the message that came forth from them was of FIRE and not a sweet, soft as cotton, timid, candy cane, sugar coated, fleshly, compromising message to cater to the masses! 


The more someone stays in the Babylonian whore church, the more they are getting sick in the RuWaCh. Sadly, some have gotten SO sick, SO fat and SO accustomed to that sweet, sugary diet that they NOW LOVE IT! You could say that they have become addicted to the sugary, sweet, candy coated messages, that it may be too late and NOT even the truth (or spiritual diet change) can save them. The withdrawals from changing their diet NOW would literally kill them (2 Thessalonians 2:10-13).


Remember, historical and scriptural research prove that the Babylonian system of organized religion was designed specifically to keep the masses in darkness, mentally enslaved and spiritually sick! Just like second hand smoke, you may NOT be putting that cancer stick to your own lips and smoking it, but if you hang around friends who smoke for years, YOU’RE being affected! Against popular demand, if we LOVE the creator, then we must obey YaHuWaH's commandment and come out of Babylon, as the scriptures instruct. It’s funny how we can spend a whole day at church if needed for a musical, a play, a revival, pastor/first lady appreciation days or guest speaker event,all the while KNOWING that NOT one bit of truth or the father or son’s true name will be spoken, but we CAN'T spend 1 hour to learn REAL truth regarding the creator of the universe. It may seem scary and difficult to come out of Babylon,but our creator requires HIS ELECT to live the set apart life. One NEVER knows, YaHuWaH may be specifically calling YOU to be the catalyst who leads his chosen elect out of Egypt (captivity) again!


It’s time to mature, grow teeth and eat the REAL meat of YaHuWaH's word. It’s time to stop playing church and to stop drinking the harlot’s sweet tasting milk. Again, we challenge everyone, husbands and wives to sit down together, as well as you single folks, take your King James Bible and follow along with this teaching, instead of going to Babylon this SUNday. If you do this, watch the ways that YaHuWaH honors it and observe how the most high truly begins to move in your life! We ALL should be fed up with the lies and truly repent to our creator for blaspheming his set apart NAME ALL these years!


How many SUNdays have we wasted away sitting in the whore church, swallowing down lies all while smiling, singing and clapping for the devil ignorantly? How many SUNdays have we been taught to give praises to "the LORD" (the SUN deity "BaAL") and to a false (100% proven) European image of Jesus, and give reverence to the pagan cross? How many times have we committed spiritual adultery against our creator by taking part in the HELLi-day traditions of men at church, because we were taught by our pastors and churches that our creator is OK with it? How many SUNdays have we financially supported an establishment that is in direct disobedience unto our creator and has NO love for the truth? When you come to the creator with a humble heart and have a pure LOVE for the king,he will change your life forever, IF you really want to change! We ALL have given enough time, energy and years to the devils’ lies and deceptions! It’s time to get healthy in the RuWaCh and make a choice to change your diet!



In this awesome teaching, Apostle Bennett (from ShaluwmYaH) challenges you to be very careful as to what table you are eating off of spiritually!


Unlearn, Deprogram and Re-think EVERYTHING you were taught!


Once the truth is given to a person, if that person TRULY loves the Creator, YHWH is expecting they make an immediate change, NOT take their sweet time getting there when they feel like it!


Acts 17:30

30 And the times of this ignorance YHWH winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent 


If you DON'T believe us regarding these facts, GOOD! Go do your own research, ASK YOUR PASTOR and find out for yourself, but NOW can’t say “I didn't know!"


2 KaFa 2:21 "Peter"

21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment

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