The TRUTH is trying the heart of ALL men!


יהושוע = YHWSWA (YaHuWShuWA), the true set apart name of the Creators son!




PaAL "4:12" Acts

12 Neither is there salvation in ANY OTHER: for there is NONE OTHER NAME under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.


Yes we all know that in Acts 4 verses 11 and 13 it says the Latin name "Jesus" in our westernized, English, translated bibles, but for those that have studied, they know that the bible is a Hebrew original that was translated down (through various languages) to English. With this 100% HARD FACT in mind, we know that they would have NEVER called the Hebrew savior by a Latin name back in ancient times. Not only did the Letter J NOT exist back in ancient times, but removing things from scripture is a violation to YaHuWaH's commandment (Deuteronomy 4:2 and 12:32Proverbs 30:6 and MaChaZaH 22:18-19 "Revelation"). The saviors original 6 lettered Hebrew name יהושוע (or YHWSWA in English consonants properly pronounced YaHuWShuWA) was replaced with the 5 lettered false Latin name Jesus (which would hypothetically means Earth Pig / Swine horse), 983 times in our western translated bibles. In Acts it reads "there is NO OTHER name under heaven", solidifying that there is only ONE name for the son, and since we know that Latin / English was NOT the language they spoke back in ancient times, it had to have been originally a Hebrew name. Who gave anyone the authority to change יהושוע "YaHuWShuWA" (the name that was above ALL names) to an altered name that is NOW under that original name?


Philippians 2:9-11 

9 Wherefore ALaHiYM also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name:

10 That at the name of YaHuWShuWA every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;

11 And that every tongue should confess that YaHuWShuWA MaShiYaCh is master, to the glory of ALaHiYM the Father.



Notice the verse in Acts also says "NO OTHER NAME under heaven", this means the son had another name when the savior was in heaven, and that name was YaH (H3050). YaH is his heavenly name before he became flesh and took on a earthly body and name YaHuWShuWA. Study and research show that another violation of scripture has taken place! The pagan title "LORD" was ALSO used to cover up the sons heavenly name YaH (49 times in the westernized English translated bibles) as well as the Creators name YaHuWaH! The savior came from his father YaHuWaH and notice the name YaH is in YaHuWaH!



In ShaMuWTh 17:9 (Exodus) this is the first place where YaHuWShuWA's six lettered name appears (YHWSWA). In the masoretic text it appears as a five lettered rendition (YHWSA) but what is interesting is that even with the Nikkud (a system of dots and dashes that help pronounce a word in Hebrew),  it is rendered as this יְהֹושֻׁעַ. The three dashes under the Shin (שֻׁ) are telling us that the sound that follows the Shin character (שֻׁ) has a "oo" sound (which is what the Waw "ו" character makes). So this proves that NOT only did they remove the last W or "Waw" from the saviors name but either way you pronounce both renditions (the original 6 and the altered 5 letter) as YaHuWShuWA! Research teaches us that when reading words with the Nikkud system, the three dashes under the Shin tells you the next following sound in a "oo" sound (ShuW). We know from studying that in order to get that "oo" sound, you need the letter "Waw" because the "oo" sound or vowel "u" (or double U) comes from the "Waw", hence the original six lettered original form of the saviors name יהושוע = YaHuWShuWA.


Original long form

Even in today's modern day, people are always giving shortened or nickname versions of their name, but there is ALWAYS an origin to where those nickname or shorten names come from. 


יה YaH (3050) is short for YaHuWShuWA

יהו YaHuW (H3058) is short for YaHuWaH




For those who say "So your telling me that everyone calling on the name Jesus is wrong and that everyone in the past that died calling on that name is going to the lake of fire?" or "My grandmother, grandfather and family members before me died in Jesus, so I'm going with what they taught me!"

Listen to the this quick excerpt from Apostle Bennett's (from ShaulwmYaH) teaching "Shauwl - Hebrew of Hebrews", that question is clearly answered here.




When names go from one language to another, they should NEVER be changed, altered or translated but ALWAYS transliterated.
When the true names of the Creator and His son are changed or altered, NOT only are people in direct rebellion with the Creator (Deuteronomy 4:2 and 12:32, MaShaL 30:6 "Proverbs" and MaChaZaH 22:18-19 "Revelation"), but it also removes history, lineage and the true meaning of that name or word. This is why its SO important to study scripture and go beyond the surface. Diving deeper in scripture (beyond the English) allows the full understanding and origins to be seen. In the Hebrew culture names meant EVERYTHING to them, and they held it with high regard. They didn't have driver's license / ID cards, a birth certificate, or social security card to establish who they are and where they came from. When it came to speaking in other languages (Aramaic or Greek), they where VERY conscious and respectful when it came to pronouncing someones NAME (especially their own name since they knew Hebrew was the set apart language). The Hebrews KNEW the importance / significance of names, and would NEVER go against YaHuWaH's commandment, their own culture or dishonor someones name by translating it. Don't get us wrong, there are many different languages on the planet, and we are NOT saying their language is wrong, but when it comes to understanding the set apart scriptures, its very important to go back to original language the scriptures where written in which was ABaRiY (Hebrew). By doing this, it removes any confusion the translations cause and allows the full and pure understanding to come forth. 

When someone wants to get into the medical field, there are certain books that must be read and particular curriculum's that must be completed. Medical terminology uses words created using classical Greek or Latin root words. In medicine, meanings and their etymology are informed by the language of origin. In order to truly understand medical terminologies, one must go back to the Greek or Latin sources. A medical student wouldn't get a German etymology book to understand Greek or Latin rooted medical terms. There's nothing wrong with the German language, but since medical terms use Greek and Latin root words, German (in this case) would just cause further confusion as to what those medical terms mean. The same goes for understanding the true intent of the scriptures, one must go back to the Hebrew source, NOT English. Once your eyes are opened you can begin to see everything unfold right in front of you. How many Christian pastors know or care to even teach their flock that HALLELUYAH means to praise, shout and to boast YaH (YaHuWShuWA), NOT the LORD, God or Jesus? Only when you go to the Hebrew root words does this beautiful revelation come alive!


YaHuWChaNaN 5:43 "John"

43 I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.


The savior came IN his Fathers name, the "YaHuW" in names or words is the KEY that unlocks the truth!

    יהוהYHWH or YaH-uW-aH  

יהושוע = YHWSWA or YaH-uW-ShuWA  

Like father, Like son




Lets do a break down for the false pagan name JESUS, but before we go on, take a look at a few research findings regarding the so called "name above all names", "JESUS".


Latin Dictionary: "JE-SUS" pronounced Gee-SOOCE and this is from the Latin word/name "IE-SUS" pronounced Ee-SOOCE. The suffix is the same as the Latin word for "PIG" or "SWINE".


There was a Celtic demon deity or god by the name "ESUS" pronounced Ee-SOOCE also know as "HESUS"pronounced He or Hey -SOOCE. This deity was worship by the ancient druids (Dictionary of Pagan Religions) page 117 and page 152.


The name "ESUS" was found on a relief that is on an alter of ZEUS that was found in Paris in the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Notre Dame. (Encyclopedia Britannica Macropaedia) page 575. On this chest relief of "ESUS" you can clearly see a PAGAN CROSS.


In Italian the name "JE-SUS" is spelled "GESU", "Ge" means "earth" (G1093), so the meaning is: EARTH - PIG or SWINE!


In Hebrew "SUS" means horse (H5483)


Do we really think the Creator in his infinite wisdom is going to name His one and only begotten son after 1) a filthy animal that eats the trash of the earth 2) a animal HE also forbids us to eat because of ALL the health reasons and 3) an animal that YaHuWShuWA cast demons into? You may want to re-evaluate who you are praising and calling on for salvation.

The saviors name was NEVER Jesus



Most of us are familiar with the story of Apostle ShauWL (Paul) while on his way to Damascus. ShauWL tells the story of his direct encounter with a MaLAK (messenger / representative) the MaShiYaCh YaHuWShuWA. Notice in scripture this critical FACT, it is recorded that the voice of the MaShiYaCh spoke to ShauWL in the ABaRiY (Hebrew) tongue!


PaAL 26:13-15 "Acts" 


13 At midday, O king, I saw in the way a light from heaven, above the brightness of the sun, shining round about me and them which journeyed with me.

14 And when we were all fallen to the earth, I heard a voice speaking unto me, and saying in the HEBREW tongue, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.

15 And I said, Who art thou, Lord (master)? And he said, I am Jesus (YaHuWShuWA) whom thou persecutest.


So we see right here in scripture that ShauWL was specifically told from the voice (which spoke in the set apart tongue of Hebrew) that His name was YaHuWShuWA! We know from biblical and historic study / research that Jesus is NOT a Hebrew, so the name Jesus would have NEVER been spoken in the above verses. Once again due to the translations and "The Big Cover Up" this beautiful revelation is over looked. Sadly the majority of pastors continue to proudly skip over this FACT, which keeps their flock in disobedience with YaHuWaH




Has anyone truly taken the time to look up the meaning of the name Jesus (in English) or IESUS (Latin)?


Je / Ge-

  • The Greek root word ge, commonly used in the English prefix geo-, means “earth.” This Greek root is the word origin of a good number of English vocabulary words, including geology, geography, and geometry. The Greek root word ge is easily recalled through the English word geology, which is the study of the “earth.”
  • GE (je,ge) GAEA;GAIA GAEA  (Jee), Noun.  [Gr.Gaia derived from "Ge", earth] in Greek mythology the earth personified as a goddess ,mother of Uranus the Titans,etc, MOTHER EARTH: identified by the Romans with Tellus: also Gala,Ge. GEO (jeo,jee)  [Gr. "geo" derived from gaia,ge, the earth] a combining form meaning earth,as in geo/centric, geo/phyte.  (WEBSTER'S NEW WORLD DICTIONARY) {PROPER NAME} GEORGE Gr. georgos means "EARTH WORKER"  (DICTIONARY OF FIRST NAMES)


  • sus, sus N 3 1 NOM S C T, sus N 3 1 VOC S C T sus, suis swine; hog, pig, sow;  (Latin-English-Latin Java Dictionary with Whitaker's Wordlist) sus : swine, pig, hog.  (Lynn Nelson's Latin=English Dictionary (Hong Kong) sus, -is g.c. nomen animalis  (A Latin Dictionary of Saxo Grammaticus (medireview Latin) SWINE  [ME fr.OE swin; akin to OHG swin swine LATIN -SUS--more at SOW] 1: any of various stout-bodied short legged omnivorous mammals (family Suidae) with a thick bristly skin and long mobile snout; esp: a domesticated member of the species (Sus Scrofa) that includes the European wild boar-usu.used collectively 2: a contemptible person  (Webster's Seventh New Collegate Dictionary)

Latin: "IESUS" IE = that is, that is to say, or in other words SUS = Pig/swine
English: "JESUS" JE = there is no meaning SUS = Suspicion of having committed a crime


Je-SUS = earth pig or earthly swine or BEAST of the Earth... the image of corruptible man, the abominable sacrifice of a pig (Easter Sacrifice of the Earthly Swine named Jesus) that pollutes the alter and renders the Temple of YaHuWaH (mans body) unfit for service or worship unto YaHuWaH. 


Jesus Origins


If you want to get technical the name "Jesus" comes from the Aramaic word (NOT HEBREW) "YeShuWA" which simply means salvation. Historical research proves that the saviors true name “YaHuWShuWA” was shortened to “YeShuWA” and then finally changed/translated to “Jesus” (which is a violation of scripture). Like we mentioned before there is a HUGE difference between “translate” and “transliterate.” To translate a word from one language into another language means to take the meaning of a name from one language into another language. The word “salvation” in Greek is “soteria (G4992),” but in Hebrew (Abary), the word for “salvation” is “YaShuWAH" (H3444) / YeShuWA (H3443) in Aramaic. If we want to translate the word “salvation” from Hebrew (YaShuWAH), into Greek, we would use the word “soteria.” Remember to transliterate a name means to correlate the letters from one alphabet to another alphabet.


Example: The true name of the savor in Hebrew is YaHuWShuWA, in Modern Hebrew (with Greek vowel sounds) it's YeHoWShuWA. The Hebrew letters in this name are as follows:

Yod, Hey, Waw, Shin, Waw, Ayin (YHWSWA).


If one were to truly transliterate the name YaHuWShuWA into Greek, the corresponding letters should be: Iota, Eta, Upsilon, Sigma, Upsilon, Alpha (IEUSUA) in English or (ΙΕΥΣΥΑ) in Greek.

Greek Alephbet.png


In Greek the Strong’s Concordance claims that the name“Jesus” means the following:

Strong’s G2424 – Iēsous Ἰησοῦς Jesus = “Jehovah is salvation”

We know there was no letter "J" or letter "V" in the Hebrew language so it should read “YaHuWaH is salvation” rather than “Jehovah is salvation”, so the word Jesus CAN NOT be an actual translation from Hebrew to Greek for YaHuWShuWA. If the Greeks were truly trying to translate the name YaHuWShuWAto Greek, it would read “YaHuWsoteria”meaning “YaHuWaH is salvation.” This proves that the false, blasphemous name Jesus is neither a translation nor a transliteration!


Your very soul depends on calling on a specific name for salvation (PaAL 4:12 "Acts"), so now that we know what the meaning behind the name Jesus is, IS THIS a name you want to call on for salvation?



Even in 1988 they are giving clues telling us that the name "JESUS" went from Hebrew "Yehoshua" (Joshua in English), to Aramaic "YeShuWA ", to Greek "IESOUS", to Latin "IESUS" to English "JESUS". It goes on further to explain that "Help of JeHoVaH" is "Help of YaH". YaH is the short form of  the saviors name YaHuWShuWA.

YaH in bible.jpg

Once you share the truth with people and can 100% prove that the saviors name was NEVER Jesus, they realize that their many years in the harlot church taught them knowledge, but NO truth. This is a VERY HARD pill to swallow, but for those who LOVE and SEEK the truth, this causes them to question the lies. (MatthathYaHuW 7:13-15 "Matthew") Sadly WE ALL have been lied too, and usually when most Christians realize that the little knowledge they do have runs out, they quickly respond with "Well I know it wasn't Jesus, I heard it could've been Yeshua, Yashuwa, Yasha, Yahuwsha or Yahawashi but my pastor says NO ONE knows for sure!" If our very salvation is tied to the name like ACTS 4:12 says, then EVERYONE should STOP, put all hands on deck and begin studying to show themselves approved unto YaHuWaH!

 Lets take a look at the vastly popular false name Yeshua:


Yeshua -H3442 - ישוע - (these Hebrew letters "ישוע" to English is "AWSY" or "YaShuWA")
Phonetic Spelling: yā·shü'·ah
Transliteration: Yeshuwa
Meaning: "he is saved, salvation"
Root Word:  יהושוע (H3091)

Notice the root word for "Yeshua" comes from H3091! Take note of these Hebrew letters "יהושוע" (H3091) for later



Yeshuwa -H3443 - ישוע - (these Hebrew letters "ישוע" to English is "AWSY" or "YaShuWA")

Phonetic Spelling: yā·shü'·ah 

Transliteration: Yeshuwa` (Aramaic) 

Meaning: "he is saved, salvation"

Root Word:  ישע (H3442)



Yeshuwah -H3444 - ישועה - (these Hebrew letters "ישועה" to English is "HAWSY" or "YaShuWAH")

Phonetic Spelling: yĕshuw`ah 

Transliteration: yesh·ü'·ä 

Meaning: "salvation, deliverance"

Root Word:  ישע (H3467)


Look at this example as to why yeshuwah is NOT the saviors name, take note as to what MaShaH (Moses) says in ShaMuWTh 15:2 (Exodus). Remember, YaH was the saviors name in the shama (heaven) before he took on a fleshly body and was called YaHuWShuWA. In the following verse MaShaH is talking with the malak (messenger / angel) that YaHuWaH is speaking through.


ShaMuWTh 15:2 (Exodus)

2 YHWH is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation: he is my Alahym, and I will prepare him an habitation; my father's Alahym, and I will exalt him.


Lets NOW take a concordance and reverse the deception to see the truth!


2 "YaH" (H3050) is my strength and song, and he is become my "Yashuwah" (H3444): he is my "Al" (H410 this is short for Alahym H430), and I will prepare him an habitation; my father's "ALaHiYM" (H430), and I will exalt him.


BEAUTIFUL! What SATAN wanted to hide in the dark, YaHuWaH's elect is bringing back into the light! YaHuWaH sent the YaShuWAH (salvation) in the form of his son YaH!


So here we see that Masha was saying that "YaH" (YaHuWShuWA) is his Yeshuwah (in Aramaic) or Yashuwah (in Hebrew). Both words are the same and mean the same, "salvation". So this shows that Yeshuwah or Yashuwah is JUST a word, and NOT a name!



Yasha -H3467 - ישע - (these Hebrew letters "ישע" to English is "ASY" or "YaShA")

Phonetic Spelling: yä·shah'

Transliteration: yasha

Meaning: "to save, be saved, be delivered"


We can NOW see that ALL of these names DO have something in common, they ALL mean "to be saved, deliverance or salvation". When you add BACK IN the pure Paleo Hebrew vowel sounds (NOT Aramaic or Greek), they are ALL pronounced the same "YaShuWA" or YaShuWAH"! Yeshua (Yeh-shua) is just the Aramaic form of the Hebrew original word "YaShuWAH". Once again the issue and confusion with ALL this, is the translations! 

When attempting to decipher lies from truth, people must begin to look at the Hebrew characters rather then the English translated words. This is the number one reason people are getting confused with all the names, plus they must ADD BACK IN the original Paleo Hebrew vowel sounds that were removed. English is a mix of several langues, so we must go back to what they spoke back then in its purest form and that was Phoenician / Paleo Hebrew.

"English is a barrier to the truth"


For further proof that Yeshua is NOT the true name of the savior click HERE. Take your scriptures and concordance and follow along with this beautiful teaching from Apostle Bennett (From ShaluwmYaH) entitled "Blotting Out Yeshua". 




With ALL the many various names out there (Satan wants people to get discouraged and give up), how do we know what is 100% correct, will stand the test of time and is be backed up with truth, rather then guesses? Remember what we said earlier was the KEY to unlocking the truth, the 3 Hebrew letters together "יהו" (Yod, Hey and Waw) or in English the consonants Y-H-W pronounced "YaHuW". NO WHERE in these names are the 3 Hebrew letters together "יהו" or Y-H-W (YaHuW), which is the Heavenly Fathers short name, and scripture state that the son came in his fathers name. We see ALL throughout scripture that YaHuWaH marks his elect with his short name (YaHuW), this means those that LOVE him knew his name (in their minds or literately the Creators short name was in theirs), revered, and boldly proclaimed his set apart name. 

As you noticed we didn't break down the name Yahawashi because for 1) NO WHERE in the concordance can we find any pieces of the name Yahawashi, only JaH (H3050) which is YaH and 2) which is the MOST important, NO WHERE in Yahawash is "YaHuW", which is the Heavenly Fathers short name! 

ONCE again if we didn't have the FACT that 100 NAMES or words have the 3 Hebrew letters together "יהו" (Yod, Hey and Waw or in English Y-H-W and is ALWAYS pronounced YaHuW), in a word or name, then we would be just hypothetically guessing. Having these 100 witnesses locks in the FACT that particular Paleo Hebrew vowels and sounds (the E's and A's = ah" sound and the "U" = oo" sound) are placed between these letters "יהו" or in English Y-H-W.

We intentionally didn't get into the name YaHuWShA, we will explain this name later after we break down the true name of the savior.



Take a look at the name Jesus in the concordance:


Jesus - G2424 - Ἰησοῦς

Phonetic Spelling: ē-ā-sü's

Transliteration: Iēsous

Meaning: "Jehovah is salvation"

OF HEBREW origin יהושוע (H3091)

Do those Hebrew letters (יהושוע) look familiar? Yeshua (H3442) also says H3091 is its root, so Yeshua is just derived from YaHuWShuWA and NOT the original source!

Jesus is a Latin name but we see in the concordance that the name "JESUS" IN Greek is "IESOUS". BUT WAIT, its says the name "JESUS" IS OF HEBREW origin (H3091)! Get out your shovel because we have to dig, but before grabbing that shovel....


Just a thought, if we have ALL the letters in the Greek translated name "IESOUS" in the English alphabet AND can pronounce "IESOUS" just fine, WHY did we need to translate it again to the Latin "IESUS". They then further changed it again and completely removed the "I" and added a "J" to make it JESUS??? Even in the King James 1611 Bible there are NO "J's" AT ALL in that bible, WHY? Because the LETTER "J" didn't exist! Pastors say the name is JESUS now, so it should be JESUS then right?, WRONG! You wont be able to find the false name Jesus anywhere in the King James 1611 bible or in any book published in 1600's, WHY? Because again the letter "J" didn't exist! Pastors say we dont speak Hebrew in America so our question to them is, "Pastors, do YOU speak or teach Latin in your harlot churches?" Ask your loving pastor this questions and listen to his sad response.


 Moving on...



Yĕhowshuwa - H3091 - יהושוע (in Hebrew the letters "יהושוע" to English letters is "AWSWHY" or "YHWSWA")

Phonetic Spelling: yeh·hō·shü'·ah or "Joshua" in English

Transliteration: Yĕhowshuwa

Meaning: "JEHOVAH is salvation" or really "YaHuWaH is salvation"

Root Word: From יהוה (H3068) and ישע (H3467)


In Hebrew the majority of names have two forms, an original long form and a modernized shorted form. 

modernized 5 letter shorted form:     יהושע       Yᵉhôwshuʻa        ASWHY or YHWSA   (Yod, Hey, Waw, Shin, Ayin)

original 6 letter form:   יהושוע      Yᵉhôwshûwa       AWSWHY  or YHWSWA  (Yod, Hey, Waw, Shin, Waw, Ayin)

Notice that in both the short and original forms of the name, the last part is STILL pronounced the same "ShuA" or "ShuWA"


With this information fresh in your mind regarding the original and shorted form of names, lets circle back to the name Yahuwsha.



Now we DO see the 3 Hebrew letters "יהו" (Yod, Hey and Waw or in English the letters Y-H-W) together in the name YaHuWShA, but study and research shows us THIS false name is based off of the 5 lettered (יהושע), shorted, modernized version of the saviors TRUE 6 lettered (יהושוע) name YaHuWShuWA. Like we mentioned above, both in the short and original long forms of the saviors name, the last part is STILL pronounced the same "ShuWA" or "ShuA" The big difference is that the shorted version of the name is missing the Hebrew letter "ו" or in English the letter "W". Names are VERY important in Hebrew, history, lineage and meaning are tied to names, so one should be able put words together like a puzzle to make a picture. So lets put the piece's together for the name YaHuWShA. We know that "YaHuW" is short for the Heavenly Father (YaHuWaH H3068), but NO WHERE in the concordance can we isolate the Hebrew letters or the word "שע" ("SA" in English letters, pronounced "ShA"). The only instance we found close was "ShAA" H3467.



YHWH - H3068 - יהוה (in Hebrew the letters the "יהוה" to English letters is "YHWHNOT LORD!) 

Phonetic Spelling: yeh·hō·vä'

Transliteration: Yĕhovah which is really YaHuWaH (Remember the "V" was a "W" and we must add BACK IN the pure Paleo Hebrew vowel sounds)

Meaning: "YaHuWaH the existing one, the proper name of the one true Alahym (Mighty One)


shaa -H3467 - שעע - (these Hebrew letters "שעע" to English is "AAS" or "ShAA")

Phonetic Spelling: shä·ah''

Transliteration: sha`a`

Meaning: "to stroke, be smeared over, be blinded"


If the saviors name was really "YaHuWShA" it would literally mean: "YaHuWaH will stroke, smear over or blind"




Lets use the CONCORDANCE for each word in the saviors TRUE name. We will take all the pieces, put them together and reveal a beautiful picture that tells its history, lineage and meaning:



When we look at the following name Jahu this further confirms that whenever the YHW or the יהו are together in a name or place, its ALWAYS pronounced "YaHuW". 100 names or places in the original Hebrew scriptures confirm this to be true!


YeHuW - H3058יהו (in Hebrew the letters יהו to English is "WHY" or "YaHuW")

Phonetic Spelling: YaHu

Transliteration: YaHuW

Meaning: "YaHuWaH is He or He is YaHuWaH






YaHuWShuWAH3091 - יהושוע (in Hebrew the letters "יהושוע" to English letters is "AWSWHY" or "YaHuWShuWA")

Phonetic Spelling: yah·uw·shuwa or "Joshua" in English

Transliteration: yahuwshuwa

Meaning: "YaHuWaH is salvation"

Root Word: From יהוה (H3068) and ישע (H3467)




JaH - H3050 - יה  (in Hebrew the letters "יה" to English is "HY" or "YH") These 2 letters "יה" together ALWAYS is pronounced "YaH"

Phonetic Spelling: yä

Transliteration: Yah (Remember the "J"  WAS a "Y")

Meaning: "I AM"

Root word H3068

"יה" or in English the consonants YH is ALWAYS pronounced "YaH", YaH is the short name for YaHuWShuWA.

YHWH - H3068 - יהוה (in Hebrew the letters the "יהוה" to English letters is "YHWHNOT LORD!) 

Phonetic Spelling: yah·uw·ah

Transliteration: YaHuWaH

Meaning: "YaHuWaH is salvation, the existing one, the proper name of the one true Alahym (Mighty One)

YaShA - H3467 - ישע (in Hebrew the letters the "ASY" or "YaShA")

Phonetic Spelling: yä·shah'

Transliteration: yasha

Meaning: to save, be saved, be delivered, to be liberated, save from moral troubles, to give victory


green plus.png


ShuWA - H7770 - שוע (in Hebrew the letters the "AWS" or "ShuWA")

Phonetic Spelling: shü'·ah

Transliteration: shuwa

Meaning: wealth, riches, or gifts via knowledge, wisdom and the RuWaCh of truth (reference: Ephesians 4:7-8Act 2:38, John 16:7, 1 Timothy 4:14, Revelations 2:9 and 5:12)


ShuWA  H7769 - שוע (in Hebrew the letters the "AWS" or "ShuWA")

Phonetic Spelling: shü'·ah

Transliteration: shuwa

Meaning: cry for help, cry out

יהושוע = (Yod, Hey, Waw, Shin, Waw, Ayin) 

יה = YaH (the saviors short name, YaHuWaH's son)

יהו = YaHuW (the short name of the Creator YaHuWaH)

שוע = ShuWA (wealth and the RuWaCh of truth, cry out for help,)


יהושוע = YHWSWA (in English with only consonants) 

יהושוע = YaHuWShuWA (in English with pure Paleo Hebrew vowels added) 



"YaH" (H3050 the saviors short name), who came in his fathers name YaHuW (the short name for "YaHuWaH" H3068 and the first Root Word for H3091), will give salvation ("YaShAH3467 the other Root Word for YaHuWShuWA) and wealth, knowledge, wisdom and the RuWaCh of truth ("ShuWA" H7770) to those who cry out to Him for help!" ("ShuWA" H7769)


People do NOT understand the critical importance of NOT only knowing the true name but proclaiming the saviors true name. Even back in the ancient times the apostles were warned NOT to teach in the NAME of YaHuWShuWA! Churches have made the people actually HATE the true name of the savior YaHuWShuWA, if you don't believe us go to any Babylonian, harlot, christian, church on Sunday (SUN god worship day) and begin proclaiming the true name of the savior. Count how many weird looks and sneers you get from the pastor and the Christians for calling on his true set apart name.  


PaAL 5:28 "Acts" 

27 And when they had brought them, they set them before the council: and the high priest asked them, 28 Saying, Did not we straitly command you that ye should not teach in this name? and, behold, ye have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this man's blood upon us. 29 Then Kafa and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey Alahym rather than men.

PaAL 5:40 "Acts" 

40 And to him they agreed: and when they had called the apostles, and beaten them, they commanded that they should not speak in the name of YaHuWShuWA, and let them go.





WOTR YeShuWA is NOT the true saviors name


YaHuWShuWA Ha' MaShIYaCh "The Breakdown"

Brother Micheal (from Followers Of The Way) beautifully breaks down the true name of the savior YaHuWShuWA, the names meaning and why It CAN'T be any other blasphemous false names!



YaHuShA vs. YaHuWShuWA

Brother Micheal (from Followers Of The Way) beautifully breaks down difference between the true name of the savior YaHuWShuWA, and very popular false name YaHuShA!


The Revelation of YaH

Apostle Bennett (from ShaluwmYaH) speaks on LIVE radio (on the Lions Den on Debate Talk For You), that YaH is the son YaHuWShuWA the savior!


YaH (YaHuWShuWA) is the son!



In this short video, Apostle Bennett (from answers a question from a viewer regarding the false name Jesus



"The Tree" by Apostle Bennett (from ShaluwmYaH). The scriptures is a beautiful autobiography of the savoir YaHuWShuWA!

Unlearn, Deprogram and Re-think EVERYTHING you were taught!


Once the truth is given to a person, and if that person TRULY loves the Creator, YHWH is expecting they make an immediate change, NOT take their sweet time getting there when they feel like it!


Acts 17:30

30 And the times of this ignorance YHWH winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent 


If you DON'T believe us regrading these facts, GOOD! Go do your own research, ASK YOUR PASTOR and find out for yourself, but NOW you cant say "you didn't know!" 


2 KaFa 2:21 "Peter"

21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.


ABaRiY 10:26 "Hebrews" 

26 For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins