Happy Anniversary, I Love You So Much!


After only 5 yrs of marriage, Lucas was caught cheating on his wife Mary with a woman named Anabel. Lucas asked Mary for her forgiveness and swore to her that his affair with Anabel was over. Mary was so hurt about the whole situation that she wanted to leave Lucas because he broke their sacred covenant. Lucas pleaded with Mary to forgive him, begged Mary not to go and vowed he would make it all up to Mary if she just gave him another chance. Mary loved Lucas very much so she forgave him and said "I will forgive you but if it happens again, we are done!" Lucas hugged, squeezed and kissed Mary on her forehead and again told her how sorry he was. That very next weekend was their anniversary so Lucas decided he would go all out and show Mary how much she really meant to him. 


followers in a bow.jpg

That following Saturday morning Lucas woke up Mary bright and early saying "Happy Anniversary, I love you! I have the whole day planned out for us and we'll celebrate our day every year like this!" Mary wipes the sleep from eyes, focuses and makes a huge smile on her face! Lucas presents to Mary a fresh bouquet of Anabel's favorite flowers wrapped in bow that was Anabel's favorite color. Lucas takes Mary out for breakfast to the same restaurant that he and Anabel had their first date. He specifically requests the same booth that he and Anabel always spend Wednesdays mornings together before work.



Its the same booth right by the window where Lucas and Anabel first touched hands, Lucas even orders their favorite breakfast sample platter to share with Mary. That afternoon Lucas takes Mary on a romantic picnic in the park. Its the same park by the lake that he and Anabel would often spend their intimate lunches together feeding the ducks, and its also the place they shared their first sensual kiss. Lucas goes all out that night and makes reservations  to stay overnight at a fancy hotel. Lucas pays extra for the "Lovers Top Suite" which includes a heart shaped bed and fine dinning for two. At dinner that night Lucas gets down on one knee and repossessed to Mary with a breath taking 2 carat ring. Its the same ring that Anabel fell in love with at the jewelry store and also the ring she gave back to Lucas when he got caught cheating. That very same fancy hotel and heart shaped bed where Lucas and Anabel spent nights together fornicating and planning how he was going to tell Mary he was leaving her. 



Question: Would you have a  problem with Lucas behavior? After all Lucas did stop his adulterous relationship with Anabel, PLUS he went ALL OUT to show his love for Mary and made their Anniversary day all about her! 



Imagine the pure rage Mary would feel if she found out Lucas was celebrating their anniversary in ways he and Anabel shared! Believe it or not but this story actually takes place all the time. This is same scenario in YaHuWaH's eyes when people say they love him but are so quick to celebrate pagan holidays in honor of YHWH the way the masses do. This is also the scenario in YaHuWaH's eyes when people go to church every SUNday saying the love him, but yet they blaspheme by calling on, giving honor to, and praising "the LORD" (BaAL = SUN god), "god" (the Syrian deity of fortune) and to the false name for his son Jesus!  The Creator YaHuWaH is a jealous ALaHiYM (mighty one) and he HATES his elect taking part in pagan traditions in any shape, form or fashion. (Deuteronomy 12:4, and 12:31) In YaHuWaH's eyes its all disobedience and spiritual adultery unto him! YaHuWaH is requiring his elect to be QaDaSh (set apart), sanctified, uncommon, strange and a peculiar people. It does NOT matter how WE FEELTHINK, THE INTENT OF THE HEART or CHANGE the way they take part in pagan holidays. (Easter, Valentines Day, Halloween, and Christmas) The scripture states that those who DO NOT love him WILL choose to keep their traditions over the commandments of YaHuWaH. (Mark 7:6-13)

 It reads in Mark 2:22 that you CAN NOT pour NEW wine into an OLD wine sack because the old wine will taint the new. ALL origins of the pagan holidays are based on sexual immorality, infant blood sacrifices, disobedience, rape, drunkenness, incest, mass killings and false idol worship. ALL these facts are historically proven yet churches all over the world keep these pagan traditions alive and proudly defend their disobedience! YaHuWaH is NOT pleased, the Creator didn't accept these things then and he WON'T accept them now. Just because people change the way they celebrate the pagan holidays now, DOES NOT mean it changes the way YaHuWaH thinks about us doing it! YaHuWaH did NOT send his one and only son YaHuWShuWA to die on the tree so that we can continue to commit spiritual adultery! With all the rituals, traditions and various justifiable ways society celebrates the Creator, we need to ask ourselves one question: "How does the Heavenly Father want US to honor or celebrate him?"

YaHuWChaNaN 4:24 "John"

24 "ALaHiYM is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth"


This scripture clearly states that people MUST worship YaHuWaH in RuWaCh (spirit) and in truth, and NOT in a lie! If people are worshiping the Heavenly Father YaHuWaH via calling him "the LORD" or "god" or His son by a false name, that is NOT the truth!


We are in the last, of the last days and its time people begin waking up, start living set apart and choose a side!

Will it be YHWH (YaHuWaH) and YHWSWA (YaHuWShuWA) or Satan?