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Men, as Lions in the truth you are charged by YaHuWaH to run the pride! If you are married it is your duty to lead your lioness in truth and NOT emotion! Watch the daily fruit of your spouse (on social media, around family / friends, etc) and correct, edify or uplift. If she says she is in the truth with you, the things of her former life in Babylon (how she talked, what she sang, and dressed) should be fading away!

This page is dedicated to empowering NOT only ABaRiY / Negro men but ALL the Lions of YaHuWaH and their Pride!


Lions take back your pride!

The age of ignorance for the ABaRiY / Negro people (and men in general) is OVER, let NOT the deaths of our ancestors be for nothing! They stood for truth, what was right, were beaten, tortured and died so that WE could be able to educate ourselves NOW in the future. We can NOW choose to leave the lies and deceptions they grew up in and put faith in FACTS and truth vs conditioning and emotion (Deuteronomy 28:68). Let us begin encouraging pastors (especially black ones) and those who are held in high regard to STOP perpetuating the lies (the LORD, God, Jesus, church, pagan traditions, pagan cross and non Negro culture) and START teaching REAL Negro / ABaRiY / Hebrew history, OUR HISTORY! The sad reality is that most of the so called black leaders and pastors DON'T KNOW their history and how can they teach true Negro history if they DON'T KNOW or DON'T CARE to know it! Those types of people are called "the gatekeepers of deception". They control the gates to information and are in the position to influence so many, but because they truly DON'T CARE for the truth, and their love / loyalty is to the lies (which has given them status), this means the masses stay in darkness and their souls stay deceived (misery loves company). Don't let a pastor or someone who you hold in high regard lead you astray due to the emotional attachment of friendship or church family. Seek the truth, KNOW the truth and then walk in the truth! The excuse "My pastor, spouse, mother, father, family member, heath advocate or doctor told me so" will NOT be acceptable at judgement day. May this information empower you and give you boldness to leave all strongholds in your life that is keeping you from living a lifestyle that is pleasing to YaHuWaH through His son YaHuWShuWA.

In this day and age we have women (single or married) running the homes and pulling double duty. I'm sorry to say but Christianity has caused men of today to have a feminine RuWaCh (spirit). The churches teach that we must ALWAYS act in love but people take kindness now days for weakness. YaHuWaH never commanded the women to be head of the household. This unknowingly causes sons to be weak men because they see the father take the back seat "spiritually" to the wife. Yes, we must love and respect our wife's, they were created to be a help mate for the man but they cannot stand in our place in front of YaHuWaH at judgment day for OUR actions. Loving them does not mean we as men let our spouses do what ever they want in the home. Being the head of the household means that you WON’T always be popular with your spouse, children or family members. With YaHuWaH's guidance you have to be willing to make the hard "spiritual" decisions for your family that may cause people to look at you sideways. Churches NEVER teach that in MaThaThiYaHuW (Matthew) that YaHuWaH (through His son YaHuWShuWA) does in fact come to separate families. YaHuWaH sent his son YaHuWShuWA (the scriptures made flesh) to separate the light from the dark, from those that are 100% sold out for Him, and those who love self.

Do we love YaHuWaH or our spouses more? Making the decision to obey YaHuWaH and NOT celebrate pagan holidays may cause your spouse, family, loved ones and Christian friends to alienate you, but remember none of them have a ShaMaH (heaven) or lake of fire to put you in (MaThaThiYaHuW 10:35-40 "Matthew"). Everyone runs their household according to today's standards but we as lions of YaHuWaH must remember that WE are accountable for our homes. Whether we like it or not, If we say we walk in the truth, we must run it the way YaHuWaH intended it, NOT how WE want or how our wives want (Ephesians 5:23). We often forget that this is NOT about US or OUR hearts but YaHuWaH's heart. HE created US for HIS pleasure (Ecclesiastes 12:13)! YaHuWaH charges us lions in the truth to be head of the household, so it’s our responsibility to lead the family spiritually. Households ran any other way is "Out of Order" in YaHuWaH's eyes. This does NOT mean we run the home with an iron fist and that everything WE say goes, but if WE are looking to YaHuWaH for guidance AS WELL AS the wife, YaHuWaH will make the home a harmonious, equally yoked, BaRaK'D (favored) environment for his RuWaCh, as well as the lion and lioness to dwell in. Many times in the scripture families were spared or destroyed because of the lack of obedience from the father. It took NuWaCh (Noah H5118 "resting / quite place") many years to build the ark, so just imagine the type of ridicule Noah and his family got from the masses. "You’re crazy Noah, how stupid can you be to listen to your ALaHiYM YaHuWaH!" The masses didn't listen to Noah's warnings they continued to mock and make fun of him and his family. They continued on with their selfish, wicked, pagan worshiping lifestyles. The scriptures say that their heathen ways were SO wicked that ALaHiYM regretted even creating mankind! For sure the masses were singing a different tune when the sky filled with dark clouds, rain began to fall and the water got ankle deep. The Ark did NOT save Noah and his family, his obedience to YaHuWaH did.

In the book of YaHuWShuWA 7:19-24 (Joshua), we read of AKaN (H5912 "troubler") who was an Israelite who fought in the battle of Jericho (H3405 which means "moon / city of the moon", also "Yerach" was the Canaanite male moon-god worshiped in Jericho) along with Joshua. Due to his actions his whole family was accountable. We know that in Deuteronomy 28 there's a huge list of blessings and curses for obeying or disobeying YaHuWaH. YaHuWaH warned that anyone taking spoils from Jericho would make the camp of YaShRAL (Israel) liable to destruction and bring trouble upon it. All the Israelite's obeyed, except for AKaN. He coveted and stole a beautiful robe, gold, some silver and hid these things in his tent. Of course his disobedience was discovered (you can’t hide from the Heavenly Father).  YaHuWaH commanded that AKaN, his wife, kids and all his possessions (even the cattle) be punished, so AKaN was stoned to death. So men, we see that this is NO joke in YaHuWaH's eyes. We now see how important YaHuWaH made our role in the family is. It's so sad that this type of lesson was NEVER taught in church when we were growing up, instead we heard teachings on how to get prosperity in this world and that the more you gave "gawd", the bigger the blessing you would get back! The "Name it and claim it" doctrines taught by countless preachers, were NEVER taught by YaHuWShuWA and the 12. What good it is to temporally gain the world and have a so called happy marriage in the worlds eyes, but disobey YaHuWaH for a few years of sinfully pleasures to obtain that? When we as lions are given our lioness by YaHuWaH, WE become highly responsible by the Creator and take on our true role which is HUGE. The very fate of the lioness (and children) rests on the lions shoulders. This is why it's critical (especially while on this QaDaSh path) that we are equally yoked with a lioness who is fully aligned with YaHuWaH's heart! One that will keep you accountable for your actions both in RuWaCh and emotion! One that will call you out when you are incorrect and are out of line with scripture! If she loves you she will tell you the truth, EVEN when she knows its uncomfortable, for we know the path of the true Warrior is NOT comfortable! We as lions and leaders of the home, must be good examples for our lioness and our cubs. YaHuWaH gave US the responsibility and NOT the lioness. Most women WON'T understand this because they were NOT given this role, but a true QaDaSh and virtuous lioness will support, reverence and be extremely joyfully that her lion is being lead by YaHuWaH which the Creator ordained. The Lioness was made to be the help meet, meaning she will help the Lion complete his purpose. What is the true purpose for the Lion of YaHuWaH? To do the work of YaHuWaH, NOT his own work here on earth for prosperity and smooth living. ALL our faith is in YaHuWaH, NOT in material things of this world (big house, fancy cars, perfect spouse, financial stability, etc) Without faith in YaHuWaH it is impossible to please him!

Numbers 32:23, Deuteronomy 28, and MaThaThiYaHuW 16:26 "Matthew' 


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