Did you know that 500 years ago the letter "J" was the last addition to the English alphabet?

After many years of dedicated unbiased research, the purpose of this information is to be a starting point or stepping stone for everyone beginning their journey down the path of truth. We DON’T claim to know everything but as we make time for YaHuWaH, we grow and will be guided by the RuWaCh of truth, YaHuWShuWA”. Always do your own unbiased research and validate everything EVERYONE says. Our duty as the elect of YaHuWaH is to share the truth, NOT make people believe it. We DON’T want you to think like us, we just want you to think! #FreeThinker #WeaponizedLogic


So His Name Was NEVER Jesus???

 500 years ago the letter "J" did not exist in any language on this earth, so NO letter "J" 500 years ago, and NO name "Jesus" 2,000 years ago. The letter "J" is a fairly recent addition to the alphabet (around the 1500's), and research / historical data prove it's IMPOSSIBLE for the names JESUS or JeHoVaH to even have been on the planet back in the ancient times. Originally a Phoenician pictogram representing a leg with a hand, and denoting a sound similar to the Y in “yes,” the "I" was later adopted by Semitic groups to describe the word “arm” which, in Semitic languages, began with a "J" (also possessing the same Y sound as in “yes”). The man responsible for the letter “J” was Gian Giorgio Trissino an Italian Renaissance grammarian known as the father of the letter “J”. In 1524, Gian Trissino made a clear distinction between the two sounds. Trissino’s contribution is important because once he distinguished the soft “J sound, as in “jam”. Gian Trissino identified the Greek “Iesus” (a translation of the Hebrew “Yeshua”) as the Modern English “Jesus”, thus the current phoneme for “J” was born.

We who are in the truth are NOT afraid of FACTS, and we are NOT afraid of what information we find or uncover. We love knowledge and simply strive to know the truth at all costs. We know that the bible is a ABaRiY (aka Hebrew) original book about the ABaRiY culture and that it’s been translated down through various languages. Due to the various translations the pure truth, history, meaning and lineage within the ABaRiY scriptures have been wiped away. There is NO letter "J" in the original 22 Hebrew letters and today in modern Hebrew, there is STILL NO letters "J", “O”, or “E”.

Even in the KJV 1611 year bible, there are NO letter J's AT ALL in that bible. WHY? Because again,the letter "J" didn't exist at that time! Pastors SWEARthe savior’s name was always Jesus, and if that's true, then the scriptures should back that up right? WRONG! You WON'T be able to find the false name Jesus anywhere in the KJV 1611 bible or in any book published in 1500's. WHY? Because again,the letter "J" didn't exist! In 1537, William Tyndale's partial translation of the Bible into English was published, which would eventually be incorporated into the King James Bible. The first English-language book to make a clear distinction between the sound of "I" and the sound of "J" was not written until 1634. Research uncovers that the letter "J" was the last of the 26 letters to be added to the English Alphabet. Its emerging distinctive use dates back to Middle High German, originally being a typographical flourish or swash character on the Roman "i".

It wasn't until after the 1611 year Bible was published, that the English language officially accepted the shape and sound of the letter "J" as "Jae" and no longer the “Y“ or "Ya" sound. The first English-language book to make a clear distinction between "i" and "J" was published in 1634 (Ref). Its use in the English alphabet followed, the letter "J" was the last of the 26 letters to be added to the English Alphabet. Its emerging distinctive use dates back to Middle High German, originally being a typographical flourish or swash character on the Roman "i".

Pastors have told us that here in American, we DON'T speak HEBREW, so we need to STOP or WATCH what we are saying and sharing with people. Pastors SWEAR by the false Latin name Jesus, so humbly ask them this question, "Pastor do YOU speak Latin?" Pastors discourage people studying the scriptures from its true ABaRiY origins,because they have vowed to continue the lies and deceptions of the harlot church system. They fear that if you begin validating the scriptures from its pure origins, you will wake up! People waking up to the truth means NO MORE people giving them money to pay for their big house note, nice cars, worldly status, vacations, and their children’s college funds. What people are failing to over stand is that you DON’T need to be a Hebrew scholar or a pastor to understand the scriptures, but having basic knowledge of the ABaRiY culture, how they used words, knowing the pure vowels sounds, what the word rules are, and most importantly, what those words mean, truly helps you see what was really being said in the scriptures. This removes ALL confusion, perceptions, ideological beliefs, translations, points of views or someones truth vs the truth!


If you are Negro / Mexican / Hawaiian / Spanish / Indian or ANY nationality of color / melanated, English is NOT your native tongue, NOR was English the first language on the planet, so with that FACT in mind, people were NOT speaking English back in ancient times! Take the so called “Indians / Mexicans” for example, they spoke Spanish but did they originally come from Spain? NO, they were conquered by the Spaniards and forced to learn a different tongue! Historical research teaches us that the original black Indians (re-labeled as Negro and Colored) spoke dialect of ABaRiY / Hebrew. Same goes for the ABaRiY / NEGRO people, in slavery they were forced to forget their native tongue, their ALuWHiYM’s (mighty one or “god” in English) true name YHWH YaHuWaH”, learn English and adopt the European created pagan religion of Christianity (that was designed to keep them spiritually and mentally enslaved). These are things people need to begin thinking about, and for sure start asking their pastors these types of questions. 


FACTS 11, 16 and 17 are taken from the book “103 Amazing Facts About the Black Indian of the Western Hemisphere“ near the bottom of the “Thanksgiving” page on our website.

People are entrusting their souls to pastors (whom they hold in high regard), but the majority of pastors (especially black ones) are unlearned (by choice or unknowingly) and strive for the material things of this world. Do you want to risk putting your soul in the hands of a pastor who DOES NOT care to teach REAL truth? You will only know the truth if you ask the pastor yourself, for your soul is at sake! Pastors have told us,"We don't speak Hebrew here in America,so stop trying to tell people they need to learn Hebrew!" This is why church and the pagan religion of Christianity is so deadly, It teaches people to HATE the true name of the Heavenly Father and His son (because they have been conditioned to believe the titles “LORD” and “God” are the name) If you are Negro, it’s just as deadly, as Christianity is designed to control and condition Negros to HATE their true heritage, forget who their ALuWHiYM is, and to worship a false white created image with a false name! If you don’t believe us,go and share this truth with anyone in the harlot church system and watch the looks you get!

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Here are just a few Hebrew words people speak on a regular basis here in America (ex: Hallelujah which is "HaLaL YaH", Emmanuel which is  "AMaNuWAL", Amen which is "AMaN",  Babel which is "BaBaL", Bethal which is "BiYThAL", Samuel which is "ShaMuWAL", ShaTaN, etc.) This goes to show the pure ignorance of the majority of CHRISTIANS (that GAMBLE with their souls) and the pastors that they choose to sit under. 

Amen- H539 - אמן (these Hebrew letters "אמן" to English letters is "NMA " or "AMaN") 
Phonetic Spelling: ä·mān'
Transliteration: 'aman
Meaning: to support, confirm, be faithful
From: H539


`Immanuw'el - H6005 - עמנואל - (these Hebrew letters "עמנואל" to English is "LAWNMA" or "AMaNuWAL")
Phonetic Spelling: im·mä·nü·āl'
Transliteration: Immanuwel
Meaning: "with us is ALuWHiYM"
From עִם (H5973) and אֵל (H410)

Babel - H894 בבל - (these Hebrew letters "בבל" to English is "LBB" or "BaBaL")
Phonetic Spelling: bä·bel'
Transliteration: Babal
Meaning: "Babel or Babylon = confusion (by mixing)"
From בָּלל (H1101)



Bathel - H1008 בית־אל - (these Hebrew letters "בית־אל" to English is "LTYB" or "BiYTh-AL")
Phonetic Spelling: Beyth-'El
Transliteration: bāth·āl'
Meaning: "house of AL"
From (H1004) and (H410)



Greek - Hallelouia (G239), English - Hallelujah, Hebrew - "HaLaL YaH"
HaLaL - H1984 - הלל (in Hebrew the letters "הלל" to English is "LLH" or "HaLaL")
Phonetic Spelling: (haw-lal')
Transliteration: halal  
Meaning: "praise, give glory, to boast, celebrate"

JaH - H3050 - יה (in Hebrew the letters "יה" to English is "HY" or "YaH")
Phonetic Spelling: yä
Transliteration: Yahh
Meaning: "the proper name of the one true ALuWHiYM"
Root word (H3068

Remember ALuWHiYM means "Mighty Ones" and YaH (which is short for YaHuWShuWA the son) is also a mighty one!


Shĕmuw'el - H8050 - שמואל (in Hebrew the letters "שמואל" to English is "LAWMS" or "ShaMuWAL")
Phonetic Spelling: Shamuw'al
Transliteration: Shĕmuw'el
Meaning: "His name is AL" AL (H410) meaning mighty, powerful, strength
From the pass part of שמע (H8085) and אֵל (H410)




The King Iames "James" Year 1611

Notice the inside cover has the Heavenly Fathers true name יהוהYaHuWaH”. We are commanded NOT to add or take away from the scriptures, and yet it reads that “his majesty” commanded that this bible be especially translated.

Deuteronomy 4:2 and Revelation 22:18-19



The King Iames "James" Year 1613

The Geneva Bible published in 1615 came out after the King James Bible, which appeared in 1611 and made other Bibles obsolete because it was better written and had the approval of King James I of England.

Notice that there is NO Letter "J"



William Tyndale's translation was the first English Bible to draw directly from Hebrew and Greek texts. Later English translations of the bible would use Tyndale's version to translate YaHuWaH's name as JeHoVaH as preferred by English Protestant Reformers. William Tyndale was educated at the University of Oxford and became an instructor at the University of Cambridge, where, in 1521, he fell in with a group of humanist scholars meeting at the White Horse Inn. Tyndale became convinced that the Bible alone should determine the practices and doctrines of the church and that every believer should be able to read the Bible in his own language.


After church authorities in England prevented him from translating the Bible there, he went to Germany in 1524, receiving financial support from wealthy London merchants. His New Testament translation was completed in July 1525 and printed at Cologne then later Catholic authorities suppressed it, at Worms. The first copies reached England in 1526. Tyndale then began work on an Old Testament translation but was captured in Antwerp before it was completed; he was executed at Vilvoorde in 1536.

At the time of his death, several thousand copies of his New Testament had been printed; however, only one intact copy remains today at London’s British Library. The first vernacular English text of any part of the Bible to be so published, Tyndale’s version became the basis for most subsequent English translations, beginning with the King James Version of 1611. We know William Tyndale had the original scriptures in Hebrew but chose to write the pagan title "the LORD" and false Latin name "Jesus" in place of YaHuWaH and YaHuWShuWA over 7,000 times in the English version. This goes to show that William Tyndale was NOT in the truth when he translated the Hebrew scriptures into the English bible. 



The King Iames Year 1611 Bible Chapter Names

Notice that there is NO Letter "J"


The name "Jesus", is simply a combination / fabrication of the Aramaic YeShuWA, and and Joshua comes from the Greek translation of the savior’s true ABaRIY/ Hebrew name (YaHuWShuWA) Yĕhowshuwa, H3091. When the Greeks translated the savior’s name,they claimed it’s IESOUS. Interestingly enough, ALL the letters in the name IESOUS are in the English language and can be pronounced with no problem, so WHY did they need to replace the letter "I" with a “J”, remove the “O” and translate IESOUS further down to Jesus? Please note the similarity between the Greek name IESOUS and pagan deity name ZEUS. YaHuWShuWA did not speak English back in the ancient times and though he was able to speak Greek and Aramaic, Hebrew / ABaRIY was his native tongue. The savior YaHuWShuWA originally spoke Hebrew, and he was from the Tribe of Judah or really YaHuWDaH (H3063) as stated in Hebrews 7:14.


Yĕhuwdah - H3063 - יהודה (these Hebrew letters "יהודה" to English is "HDWHY" or "YaHuWDaH")

Phonetic Spelling: yeh·hü·dä'

Transliteration: Yĕhuwdah

Meaning: "praised, the tribe descended from Judah, the territory occupied by the tribe of Judah"

When we add BACK IN the pure Semitic vowel sounds to YeHuWDaH, you get YaHuWDaH


The scriptures are very clear that NO ONE is to add or remove from the word (KhaZuWaN 22:18-19 "Revelation" and Deuteronomy 4:2), so when these scholars came to the 6 letter, set apart Hebrew name of the savior יהושוע (YaHuWShuWA) in the scriptures and added / translated it (names should ALWAYS be transliterated) to the 5 letter, false name “Jesus”, they disobeyed YaHuWaH’s word! 


 KhaZuWaN 12:9 "Revelation" 

 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and SATAN, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

 Ha’SaTaN (the adversary, not just one being but several) has the whole world deceived by calling upon this false created Latin name, "Jesus" which IN Latin,“ SUS” mean PIG or SWINE"! So, pastors and scholars all want us to believe that out of all the names the Creator could have given His one and only begotten son, He chose to name him after a dirty and foul animal that was designed to eat the trash of the earth? NO, the savior,s name is QaDuWSh (set apart) and would NOT be tied to a pig! Why would the Heavenly Father name His son after an animal that demons were cast into, let alone after an animal that HE forbids to be eaten DUE to all its unhealthy nature?

 MaThaThiYaHuW 8:28-34 "Matthew"


Etymology of the Letter J

Here the Etymology clearly teaches us that in English, words from Hebrew that have a letter "J" where originally represented by the Hebrew character called the "Yod", so the "J" was originally the letter "Y" or Hebrew / ABaRiY “Yod”!


Names with that start with J

Here we see the Hungarian name Janos, spelled with the letter "J”, but pronounced YaH-nosh. Upon further research you will find that Janos, goes back to the Greek “John”, which traces further back to its pure origins ABaRiY (aka Hebrew) YaHuWChaNaN H3076 which means YaHuWaH has graced. Like we have always said, everything has an origin and no matter how much people want to deny the truth it was ALWAYS there.


Back tracking the origin of the word Jesus


 English, back to Latin, back to the Greek, then back to its Hebrew origins



The letter J evolution: 


Hebrew / Phoenician or Paleo to Greek to Latin then to English



Although Dr. John Berkeley calls on the false name YaHWeH (which was a popular discovery back then), he is dead on the money. The letter J never existed and the savior’s name was NEVER Jesus.


Jesus is Not the Name of the Son!

During our 2019 Truth Fellowship in Scottsdale AZ, ACh (brother) Lawerence beautifully explains that Jesus was NEVER the name of the son!


Where is Jesus?

When we humble ourselves and make the time to do unbiased research, we find that the name Jesus was NEVER written in any of the original papyri (the oldest historical records of the NEW testament, in Greek). In this eye opening and educational teaching, Mike (from FOTW) beautifully shows us that, ONCE AGAIN the name Jesus is false!


Unlearn, Deprogram and Re-think EVERYTHING you were taught!


Once the truth is given to a person, if that person TRULY loves the Creator, YHWH is expecting they make an immediate change, NOT take their sweet time getting there when they feel like it!


Acts 17:30

30 And the times of this ignorance YHWH winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent 


If you DON'T believe us regarding these facts, GOOD! Go, do your own research, ASK YOUR PASTOR and find out for yourself, but NOW you can’t say "I didn't know!" 


2 KaPha 2:21 "Peter"

21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.


ABaRiY 10:26 "Hebrews" 

26 For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins


Ya`AQaB 4:17 “James “

17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

 #LiveToDieForTheKing #FreeThinker #WeaponizedLogic