The Journey Home

The Journey Back Home To My First Love - YaHuWShuWA

When you start down a journey, you hope that you are carrying the right map. Then you realize along the way, that you have the wrong map. But you cannot turn back, because you lost that part of the map that would take you back to where you started. So you continued on with the wrong map you have, hoping that somehow your find the right place. You could stop and ask for direction, but you are ashamed to do so. So you keep moving forward, still hopeful that you will find the destination that you seek. Then one day you realized, in order to get to where I am going I have to stop and ask for directions. So now, you have to get over the embarrassment and the shame of letting people know that you picked the wrong map. This is when a kind individual walks up to you and says to you, “you do not have to keep using that wrong map. Take my map and you will find your way.”


But before you take the map, you tell this individual why you kept using the wrong map and that you are so sorry for using this wrong map for far too long. He spoke to you and said son, I am just glad that you finally stopped and asked me for directions. I have been following you for a long time, waiting for you to ask me. Then you burst out in tears, falling to your knees and sobbing until His hands grabs your face and tells you everything will be alright. Then He says, “Oh by the way, that vehicle you have will never make the rest of the journey because those roads previously traveled has made it a non-drivable vehicle.”

“Do not worry,” the kind Man states, “I have a new vehicle that is made just for you for the journey that is on that map I just handed to you.” You take the keys to vehicle and get into it. Before you start the vehicle, you looked up and you saw this message “Because you were worth it, price for this vehicle has already been paid for. Enjoy the ride and I will see you at the end of the map!”

I looked at the Man and said “How can I ever repay you?” He looked at me and said “Just stay the course of the map, that is all I ask!”