Are You Eating Rotten Word From a Expired Store?


Besides the physical reasons why Human Beings should not eat SWINE; there is also a spiritual reason. There is an old saying: “you are, what you eat.” The pig is an animal that prefers to lay around in filth, instead of clean surroundings. They will lay in their own feces and urine all day long. A pig is also a very selfish and gluttonous animal. They will eat and eat and eat. The adult pig will eat their young, when they can’t find anything else to eat. Many people who regularly consume pork, have taken on many of the attributes of pigs.

Those pork consuming people, claim that if the pig is raised in a clean environment and fed only clean food; then there is no problem eating pork. That is just like saying if a buzzard (a bird that only eat the flesh of the dead), is fed clean meat; then it is okay to eat them. What they fail to understand is the nature of the pig. Pigs were created to be scavengers. The only differences between pigs and buzzards are; pigs don’t fly and they don’t wait until an animal or a Human Being is dead, before eating its’ flesh. Pigs will kill to eat; whereas buzzards never kill. Buzzards will wait until the animals die. The meat of the pig is being consumed all over the Earth; except in the countries with large populations of Muslims and Hindus. Many people are becoming aware of the filthy eating habit of the pigs; which includes pigs eating the flesh of dead animals. Dead animals which also includes eating the flesh of dead Human Beings.

But many people continue to ignore their common sense and keep on eating swine flesh. Many claim that they love bacon too much to stop eating the diseased flesh of the pig. They have been deceived by other so-called intelligent people who tell them it is okay to eat pork. The people of the world don’t seem to understand that we have had Human devils living among us, for over a thousand years. These flesh and blood (Devil’s Advocates) have been secretly working to turn humanity away from YaHuWaH’s Commands. If YaHuWaH tells us in the Bible, not to eat the flesh of the swine; then they will tell humanity, to GO AHEAD and eat it. Whatever YaHuWaH has forbidden for Mankind; then they try to make those things look attractive to us.  When information was revealed by the scientific community that the meat of the pig had numerous parasites in it. Then these conniving devils explained the report away by saying that you must cook the pork thoroughly; with high cooking heat, to ensure all the parasites are dead before you eat it. What other meat do we eat that has this type of warning? 


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