Truth - H571 אמת (these Hebrew letters "אמת" transliterated into English consonants is "TMA" or "AMaTh") 

The word “Truth” occurs 235 times in 222 verses in our western translated KJVerison of the bible. In the concordance it is H571 (eh’-meth) but when the pure original Semitic vowels are added, it is properly pronounced in the ABaRiY (Hebrew / Negro) tongue as AMaTh.

The KJV associates H571 with the following words: truth (92x), true (18x), truly (7x), right (3x), faithfully (2x), assured (1x), assuredly (1x), establishment (1x), sure1x), and verity (1x). The Strong’s concordance defines H571 as: Stability, Certainty, trustworthiness, assured, establishment, faithful, right, sure, and true.





It is so beautiful to see that YaHuWaH is waking up more and more people from the lie’s, hypocrisy and deceptions of Christianity (and religion in general). Let us all NO LONGER just follow and swallow what people feed us regarding their interpretations, perceptions and ideologies regarding the scriptures. It’s time we ALL put away the meaningless things of the world and begin truly researching the scriptures from its true and pure ABaRiY (Hebrew / Negro) source. If who you are choosing to take guidance from is NOT humbly giving reverence, praise and honor to the TRUE names of the Heavenly Father YaHuWaH and His son YaHuWShuWA, we boldly say (in love and in truth) that YaHuWaH is NOT using them to give REAL truth (scripture strongly proves this). We read all throughout scripture at those who YaHuWaH and YaHuWShuWA chose to use, they knew, defended, praised, proclaimed and died for the TRUE QaDaSh (set apart) names!

Below you will hear songs from those who proudly turned away from the Babylonian, Christian, compromising, harlot church system to defend the true name of Heavenly Father YaHuWaH (which was disrespected in scripture over 7000 times with a generic title “LORD / god”) and His son YaHuWShuWA (who’s name was butchered and changed to the lie “jesus”)! YaHuWaH is raising up His MaLAK's (messenger / representative) from ALL parts of the world to stand for one name, one truth, and one body! Us who are in the truth know and read right in scripture how sacred YaHuWaH's regards His QaDaSh. With this FACT in mind, we now understand that ANY music unto the Creator (including Babylonian Christian gospel or P/W) that does NOT give esteem to the true QaDaSh names is blasphemy and YaHuWaH is NOT hearing it (AMuWS 5:20-27 "Amos")! All other music is simply for self-gratification, financial gain, to stroke one's flesh and to evoke an emotional response.


ALL truth music that we (WOTR) collaborate and create with FOTW or any other person in the truth is FREE, and can be download using the link below. The truth music we put out will always be FREE, and all the time, money, passion, love, and effort we put into these songs we FREELY do for forward movement of YaHuWaH and His son YaHuWShuWA. Unlike the majority of Christian artists of Babylon, we WON’T pedal the word of YaHuWaH for finical gain of this world, so you will NEVER hear us ask for nor do we want money, donations, profit, or praise for our efforts or product. All we ask is that you listen and enjoy the truth (which is FREELY given) to be a BaRaKaH (blessing / give favor) unto you, ShaLuWM (peace) and AHaB (love)!

YaHuWChaNaN 3:30-35 “John”

30 He must increase, but I must decrease.

 Ha'AMaTh or "The Truth" is FREE