The Oval Bulla Seal


The oval bulla is 0.5 inches wide, 2,700-year-old piece of clay inscribed with King Hezekiah's seal. This amazing find was discovered by a team from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem under the supervision of Hebrew University archaeologist Eilat Mazar.

The Ophel excavations were conducted at the foot of the southern wall of the Temple Mount.


The inscription, in Paleo Hebrew letters begins with the string YHWKL, meaning "belonging to or for YaHuWKaL". The second line actually contains the tell-tale string -YHW again, in the name of YaHuWKaL’s father, WHYMLS or ShaLaMYaHuW (H8018). 


H8018 ShaLaMYaH.JPG

We have mentioned this before, but most ABaRiY names have an original long form, and modern shorted form. As we read deeper, the Strong’s Concordance reveals that the original long form of the name ShaLaMYaH, is ShaLaMYaHuW. Once again, the short name of the ABa “YaHuW” was removed.


The Seal of King Ahaz


Clay seal or bulla bearing the inscription ‘Belonging to Ahaz (son of) Yehotam, King of YaHuWDaH in Paleo Hebrew (2 Kings 16:1). The coins from the Persian period tend to be inscribed in Aramaic "square script" or Paleo-Hebrew and use the Aramaic spelling of the province as "Y-H-D".  Those coins from the Ptolemaic/Hellenistic period (or maybe earlier) are inscribed in the Paleo-Hebrew script and usually spell Judea as "Y-H-D", "Y-H-D-H" or originally "Y-H-W-D-H".

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Acts 17:30

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2 KaPha 2:21 "Peter"

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ABaRiY 10:26 "Hebrews" 

26 For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins