The Newark Stones

In the summer and fall of 1860 David Wyrick of Newark, found an artifact in Ohio. Wyrick found an stone, inscribed with ABaRiY (Hebrew) letters. This stone, is popularly known as the "Keystone" because of its general shape. However, it is too rounded to have actually served as a keystone. It was apparently intended to be held with the knob in the right hand, and turned to read the four sides in succession, perhaps repetitively. It might also have been suspended by the knob for some purpose. Although it is not pointed enough to have been a plumb bob, it could have served as a pendulum.

The material of the Keystone has been identified, probably by geologist Charles Whittlesey immediately after its discovery, as novaculite, a very hard fine-grained siliceous rock used for whetstones. The stone has inscriptions on all four sides:


דבר יהוה DaBaR YaHuWaH "Word of ALaHiYM"


תורת יהוה TuWRaH YaHuWaH "Law of God"


מלך ארץ MaLAK ARaT "King of the Earth”


קדש קדשים QaDaSh QaDaShiYM “Holy of Holies”


YaHuWaH’s name has NEVER changed, its Ha’ShaTaN (through the hands of man) who have disobediently changed and removed the Creators name! NO WHERE in scripture does YaHuWaH say that we can change his name if make us feel better! Once again the proof has ALWAYS been there, and just because people choose to disregard FACTS, wont change lies the truth!