Martin Beverly

I was born and raised in the Christian church for about 40 years, ministering during that time as well and in 2015 I walked away from it all. Why? Because I was awaken to the true name of the Heavenly Father, YaHuWaH, and His Son YaHuWShuWA and realized how much I was not being taught in the church, and they got so many things wrong.

My brother use to tell me I was adopted and it hurt me back then.  Now I understand the beauty of what was being done and that I was different because the King YaHuWShuWA called me to be different.  Just like when Abraham was called out.

I was rejected by many for being different growing up. Little did I know the rejection I was receiving was preparing to be okay when most of the world will reject me for bringing this truth!  I will never stop bringing the truth until my last breath is taken from me. 

I told YaHuWaH if it cost me everything to serve Him, I would gladly give it up!  As Luke 12:4-5, I fear no men for they can only take my body, but cannot touch my NaPhaCh (H5301 soul, breath)!