After many years of dedicated unbiased research, the purpose of this information is to be a starting point or stepping stone for everyone beginning their journey down the path of truth. We DON’T claim to know everything but as we make time for YaHuWaH, we grow and will be guided by the RuWaCh of truth, “YaHuWShuWA” (YaHuWChaNaN 16:13 "John"). Always do your OWN unbiased research and validate everything EVERYONE says. Our duty as the elect of YaHuWaH is to share the truth, NOT make people believe it. We DON’T want you to think like us, we just want you to think!

#LiveToDieForTheKing #FreeThinker #WeaponizedLogic

- Spiritual Adultery -

We ALL have been conditioned by tradition and we often believe and do things that we don’t understand. Don't let your ignorance, arrogance, religion, traditions or family stop you from learning the truth! Its time people STOP cheating on the Heavenly Father and begin being faithful to him! All evil needs to provail is for a good person to do nothing!

jut say no.jpg

Due to their lack of knowledge (due to church), Christians proudly say that "Jesus is the reason for the season!" and YES their right. The Latin / European created lie "Jesus" IS the reason for this wicked, perverted and satanic season! There is only two reasons why a person proudly defends the lie 1) they are ignorant to the fact that this holiday is spiritual adultery unto the Creator and 2) they want to justify what they want to do so they can follow the masses (not be persecuted for the truth)! If we say we follow scripture, that is what me must do, NOT lean on our own understanding! When we choose to obey and acknowledge Him “YaHuWaH the Creator” (NOT the LORD or god), YaHuWaH WILL direct our path. Any other way is NOT by YaHuWaH’s order, but by carnal selfishness and disobedience.

MaShaL 3:5-6 “Proverbs”

Trust in YHWH with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.



We ALL believed the lie when were children but NOW that we are adults, we can think for ourselves, we can do the research and we can choose to put the Creator YaHuWaH first (1 Corinthians 13:11)! Its time to stop committing spiritual adultery and begin being faithful! 


"People DON'T want to hear the truth because they DON'T want their illusions destroyed"


saved money with the truth.jpg

For those who are NOT trying to live a set apart life unto the Creator, this will NOT pertain to you, but for those who are willing to give it ALL up
for the Heavenly Father YaHuWaH, this WILL hit home! If its NOT in scripture we should NOT be adding it in!

xmas spirit.jpg


Deuteronomy 12:3-4

3 And ye shall overthrow their altars, and break their pillars, and burn their groves (due to tree worship) with fire; and ye shall hew down the graven images of their ALaHiYM's, and destroy the NAMES of them out of that place. 4 Ye shall NOT do so unto YHWH your ALaHiYM.


Deuteronomy 4:2

2 Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of YHWH your ALaHiYM which I command you.


Deuteronomy 12:31

31 Thou shalt not do so unto YHWH thy ALaHiYM: for every abomination to YHWH, which he hateth, have they done unto their ALaHiYM's; for even their sons and their daughters they have burnt in the fire to their ALaHiYM's.


ChaZaH 22:18-19 "Revelation" 

18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, ALaHiYM shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, ALaHiYM shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.


Christmas "its historical pagan origins"

We all can remember Christmas as little kids, going to bed early and even sleeping by or under the Christmas tree in excitement and anticipation of opening gifts! Now that we are older, can think for ourselves, and have come into the knowledge of the truth, we realize the masses have yet again fallen in love with another lie! For us who walk in the truth, we know that we CAN NOT walk with the Creator YaHuWaH while holding the hand of the devil. In today’s modern time, NO longer is Christmas even about the lie (jesus was born) but has become all about the tradition of Christmas i.e. lights, family, parties, presents, elaborate feasts. The untold truth (which is NOT taught in church or by your pastor) is that the Puritans in New England rejected virtually ALL of what we now know as Christmas celebrations. The origins of Christmas was so perverted and vial that they rejected this pagan holiday with force of law behind it. Government offices and courts were open on Christmas Day, and all holiday revelry was either severely frowned upon or outright banned!

This is the real history of some of the earliest Christmases in America, and nothing these days even comes close. As time went by, however, the popularity of Christmas grew. After all, it is a fun holiday with plenty of fine traditions reaching back into the mists of pagan Christianity. In fact, this is part of what upset the Puritans, the Christmas traditions were stolen directly from the pagans. The Christmas tree, the Yule log, wreaths, candles, the very date itself (which used to fall on the Winter Solstice, long before the Gregorian calendar was adopted), gift giving, holiday cards in verse, wassailing (or just plain getting drunk with holiday cheer), holly, mistletoe, kissing under the mistletoe, the “12 days” of Christmas, eating a feast, even hooking up at the office party — NONE of these had anything to do with the truth of the ABaRiY / Hebrew people. All were pagan winter holiday rituals without a shred of connection to baby YaHuWShuWA whatsoever! Lets take a look at historical and biblical FACTS regarding Christmas! 

ETYMOLOGY, the origin of words

holiday ety.jpg

We see that the word "Holiday" is yet again a modern word with religious connotations. Prior to that, the Hebrew people never would have used the word "Holiday" but rather QaDaSh (H6942) meaning "set apart". Why didn't the ABaRiY people use that type of word?, its because they didn't have a religion, for them living in the truth and honoring YaHuWaH was a way of life / culture. Cults and false worship has always existed, but organized religion didn't come onto the scene until 325AD. This is when the Emperor of Rome Constantine decreed all worship come together under on banned, hence the organized, pagan religion of Christianity.

Websters 1988 Dictionary


Notice it references CHRIST-MASS, its time we start asking questions and researching on our own!

The etymology of Christmas stems from the Old English word of Crīstesmæsse, which literally means” Christ’s mass”.  Christmas is derived from the Middle English Cristemasse, which is from Old English Crīstesmæsse, a phrase first recorded in 1038. Crīst (genitive Crīstes) is from Greek Khrīstos, a translation of Hebrew Māšîaḥ, “Messiah”; and mæsse is from Latin missa, the celebration of the Eucharist. The form “Christenmas” was also historically used, but is now considered archaic and dialectal; it derives from Middle English Cristenmasse, literally “Christian mass”. “Xmas” is an abbreviation of Christmas found particularly in print, based on the initial letter chi (Χ) in Greek Khrīstos (Χριστός), “Christ”, though numerous style guides discourage its use; it has precedent in Middle English Χρ̄es masse (where “Χρ̄” is an abbreviation for Χριστός).

High School Curriculum

Even in high school now they are exposing the truth about Christmas, but parents love the lie more than their kids so they keep perpetuating it! 

False Holidays.jpg

The 12 Days of Christmas Song / Partying

You may have heard of the song "12 days of Christmas" but its origin's came from the 12 days of Yuletide which began at sunset on December 20, known as Mother Night, and ended on the night of December 31, the Night of the Oak King and the Roman day of Hecate. The pagans celebrated midvinterblot" or winter solstice or Yuletide (like the Yule log) simply means "mid-winter-blood", and featured both animal and human sacrifice. There is no coincidence that the true Twelfth Night is now celebrated as New Year’s Eve and with the same old revelry as when it was known as Twelfth Night. Typically, the Christians changed the date to January 6 in hopes of doing away with the Pagan revels of the night, but this ploy obviously failed. The 12 days of Yuletide have some old Pagan commemoration which is celebrated on them: 21–nativity of the SUN God and the God of the waxing year, Horus and a number of others.




The origins of Christmas predate Christianity through the Pagan holiday called Saturnalia (Etymology def), which was a week-long of lawless merrymaking (being merry) from December 17th - 25th that honored Saturn and included human sacrifice, intoxication, naked caroling, sex and rape. During these seven days, there were NO punishments for breaking any laws, according to Roman law (Its very Interesting that the movie "The Purge" has 12 hours of complete lawlessness and 12 is also the number of days originally for pagan tradition of yuletide "Norse mythology"). In the year 4 A.D., Christianity (which at its core is pagan worship) adopted Saturnalia with the hopes that they could convert other Pagans into Christianity by promising that they could still celebrate Saturnalia. Because Saturnalia did not follow the pagan "Christian" principles, the Christian leaders decreed that the last day of Saturnalia be the birth date of their false savior "Jesus".


Historical FACT:

“Because of the sexual perverted origins of Christmas (Saturnalia), the Puritans banned this holiday and between 1659 and 1681, Christmas was illegal in Massachusetts.”


In 1466, the Roman Catholic Church, under Pope Paul II, forced Jews to run through the city naked as a tribute to Saturnalia. According to author David I. Kertzer, The Popes Against the Jews: The Vatican’s Role in the Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism, “Before they were to run, the Jews were richly fed, so as to make the race more difficult for them and at the same time more amusing for spectators. They ran amid Rome’s taunting shrieks and peals of laughter, while the Holy Father stood upon a richly ornamented balcony and laughed heartily.”

It is important to note that in Astrotheology, Saturn (Saturday) is SaTaN. The rings we give during a wedding ritual represent the rings of Saturn. The word Saturday originates from the Old English word that means “Saturn’s day”. To this day, many people continue to unknowingly celebrate Saturnalia through their participation in debauchery and gluttony.

Documentaries / Videos


History Channel

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The Spirit of Christmas

We DON'T support or follow the "Back to Torah" movement, but in this particular video "The Spirit of Christmans", according to scripture, Mark is on point!


The 700 Club

Pat Robertson from the 700 Club FULLY admits that the origins of Christmas is rooted in sexual perversion and PAGAN traditions!


This the Season

In this short video AChuWTh Shawna used the scriptures and shares why she no longer takes part in Christmas


The Pagan Tree

For those who have been told that the Christmas tree is NOT Pagan, lets read what YaHuWaH’s word says about the tree


Drew Carey

Drew Carey speaks at the 2002 White House Correspondents' Dinner and explains that these holidays have nothing to do with the scriptures

Christmas BANNED in America!

xmass banned.png


People who are uneducated regarding the origins of Christmas love to say that this wicked holiday is an American holiday, but once again historical evidence bares a different record. We have to understand that the masses have fallen in love with the lie and that most want to justify their what they want to do. We cant take back a day for the savior YaHuWShuWA “the King” if it was NEVER his to begin with! We realize that the majority of people DON'T celebrate these holidays today because of its sexual perverted roots (we were those type). We know the majority of people DON'T go around having open sex with their parents, brothers, sisters, family members, rape young women, have drunken orgies, or throw infants into fires as a sacrifice unto BaAL, and all during the 12 days leading up to Christ-mass. NO, but we also realize the churches and pastors DON'T and WON'T expose the lies and choose disobedience because they have fallen in LOVE with celebrating these pagan holidays. Many people justify CHRIST-MASS saying its an American holiday, time for family, gift giving, good will toward all men, Santa, ELF'S that make toys, yule logs, mistletoe, wreaths and Christmas trees with pretty lights, but REAL historical research proves that Christmas was originally NOT about that at all, and it was in fact BANNED in America in the 1600's.

The people back then still had morels and did NOT want the masses to have full liberty to commit carnal, sexual, vile, and innocent bloodshed happening in America, but the devil (through the wicked / selfish minds of men) had people compromise to their lust and NOW Christ-mass has been celebrated ever since. The reason the masses say its an American holiday or that its really about spending time with family is because this is how THEY justify committing spiritual adultery. Easter and Christ-mass ALL bring BIG crowds to the churches which mean BIG offerings and money into the pastor’s pockets. Historical research teaches us that the early Christian churches were having a hard time bringing people in the doors, SO they came up with the idea of having Easter / Ishtar / Astarte and Christ-mass plays to draw in more people in hopes of converting them into Christianity. Christian churches STILL carry out these traditions today by having Christ-mass / EASTER (Ishtar) plays, pastor’s appreciation day, men's / women's day, musicals, revivals, retreats, guest speakers, etc. All these church traditions are just man / women flesh worship and was ALL created to draw more people into Christianity in hopes that they people become religiously faithful, tithe giving members.

 "Christ-mass banned in 1644, offenders caught celebrating this vile Satanical practice will be fined 5 shillings". One shilling back then would be about $7 dollars today, but back then an average family could get by on $10 a week. So if they were to get fined 5 shillings, that's $35 dollars or roughly a months worth of pay. If this law was implemented today, would people we willing to pay a months worth of their wages to celebrate this satanic day? 



YaShAYaHuW 30:9-10 "Isaiah"

9 That this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of YHWH:

10 Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits


Have people forgotten that ALL we do is being recorded in a book in heaven. We see many accounts in scripture where this very same thing plays out in someone’s life who decides to reject the Creator. It may NOT happen right away but if one chooses to stay in disobedience unto the most high, guaranteed his word WILL NOT return void. People don’t realize that there are REAL consequences for disobeying the Creator. YaHuWaH's love IS unconditional but how quickly people forget that His BaRaK (favor / blessings) ARE conditional. This means in order to receive HIS favor we must uphold our side of the convent and obey His every want, NOT our own. Bottom line is that it does NOT matter what intent one has in their heart regarding how they choose to take part in pagan holidays. Almost every pastor uses the "its all about the intent of the heart" statement, but where is the scripture for that "cop out" statement? "NEWS FLASH" they cant find it because it does NOT exist, the scriptures say that when we truly receive the RuWaCh (Spirit) YaHuWaH will give us a NEW heart. SO, if we get a new heart from the Creator, that heart will automatically want to align with HIS heart and HIS wants, NOT our own. So if you STILL love taking part in this wicked holiday, did you ever REALLY get the set apart RuWaCh? The Creator YaHuWaH clearly states that NOT only does he HATE pagan traditions / worship but it will ALWAYS be spiritual adultery in his eyes NO matter the intent of ones heart. 





To ALL pastors and Christians, please show us who are lovers of the truth, the Chapter and verse where it says "Its ALL ABOUT our heart!"

The Christmas Survey

The Pew Research Center surveyed 1,503 adults between Nov. 29 and Dec. 4, using live telephone interviewers to reach both landlines and cellphones.


 Pew Research Center survey released Tuesday suggests the way Americans celebrate the holiday is slowly shifting toward the secular. Researchers found that a growing number of U.S. adults believe the religious parts of Christmas are being emphasized less in American society ― and many aren’t bothered by the change. One of the most striking parts of the survey explored how Americans feel about the story of Jesus’ birth as it is described in the Bible. In addition, the number of people who believe in key aspects of the Christmas story ― such as the virgin birth and the wise men bringing the false white “Jesus” gifts ― is declining. Significantly, even a small percentage of self-professed Christians are doubting these biblical narratives. Pew found that 46 percent of adults surveyed this year said they see Christmas as more of a religious holiday than a cultural holiday, down from 51 percent in 2013. Most Millennial’s who celebrate Christmas think of it more as a cultural or American holiday than a religious one (44 percent, compared with 32 percent). Tom Krattenmaker, who writes about religion in public life and authored Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower, told HuffPost that the poll findings may reflect the growing number of Americans who are religiously unaffiliated.

“As more Americans drift away from religion in general and Christianity in particular, it stands to reason they would take a more secular approach to the holiday,” Krattenmaker said. Mike McHargue is a Christian author and podcaster whose work often touches on the topic of doubt within Christianity. McHargue told HuffPost that he finds the shift within Christianity was both inevitable and encouraging. For him, it means that people are stepping away from thinking of the elements of the Christmas story as scientific facts ― which is not how Jesus’ followers in the first century would have understood them anyway. Most Americans (56 percent) said the religious aspects of Christmas are emphasized less today than in the past, few (25 percent) are bothered by the change.

More than half of Americans (52 percent) said it “doesn’t matter” whether stores greet customers with “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” during the festive season. And fewer Americans now say Christian displays should be allowed on government property without representation from other religions. In 2014, 44 percent said symbols like nativity scenes should be allowed on government property even if unaccompanied by symbols from other faiths. That declined to 37 percent this year. On the other hand, a growing number of people said no religious displays should be permitted on government property (20 percent in 2014, compared with 26 percent in 2017.)


"You Know MY Heart!, when I'm with her, I'll be thinking of you!" 


This has to be one of the most disrespectful things to say, Its like a husband who willingly goes to have sex with a women (who is NOT his wife), but he tells his wife "I know I vowed to be faithful to only you but don't worry honey, I will be thinking of you the whole time I'm fornicating with her, YOU KNOW MY HEART, I’ll be back tomorrow, YOU know I love you right?" IF we love the Creator YaHuWaH and KNOW that taking part in these sexual perverted traditions in ANY fashion HURTS YHWH's heart, then why do them? What is truly the intent of one’s heart? (Deuteronomy 12:31) When people make their children take part in these pagan, spiritual adulterous traditions, for 1) they as parents are being held accountable unto YHWH which is being recorded in heaven 2) they are teaching their children to be in spiritual adultery / disobedience with the most high without a choice and 3) they are teaching their children that its OK to accept lies and that its OK to continue those lies onto THEIR next generation of kids. Its like a women who is addicted to heroin, gets pregnant and continues taking heroin for the next 9 months. When her baby is born that infant by default is addicted to heroin, therefore giving that child NO choice in the matter. That mother’s selfish wants and addiction has NOW been passed down to her child. The same goes for the wicked, evil satanic, pagan holiday of CHRIST-MASS. Through continued deception the devil keeps the generational curses (which was put on YaShaRAL “Israel” by YHWH because of their pagan worship) going and why the masses today are ALL in darkness. 

A child is disappointed on Christ-MASS day because he didn't get what HE wanted!


Its amazing that people really believe that they can live a disobedient life here on earth unto YaHuWaH and STILL make it into ShaMaH (heaven). Christians are being taught they will receive continued favor, even when willingly disrespecting and disobeying YaHuWaH's name. Christians are conditioned to believe that the masses are going to heaven because "God" is ALL about love. We have said it MANY times and we will say it again, YHWH is EXCLUSIVE. If you don’t believe that statement, then turn the pages in scripture and look at the record of how YaHuWaH dealt with the disobedient ones. Sorry to burst the bubble of the masses in the harlot churches but the hard truth is this, YHWH wants ONLY those that LOVE him, LOVE His son, reverence their QaDaSh (set apart) names, obey the truth and will NOT compromise with this sinful world. If you have been given the truth, there is STILL time to make changes NOW before ones season of grace runs out! If one does NOT take heed, YaHuWaH could give them over to a reprobate mind and if that's the case, that person will NEVER receive the truth, NO matter the over whelming amounts of historical and scriptural facts they are presented with. How we live and what we choose to do here on earth WILL determine where our soul goes. (2 KaFa 2:21 "Peter") This is a very serious matter and scripture says people will perish for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)


The enemy through society has come up with SO many ways to justify why celebrating pagan holidays are acceptable. YES, in the world’s eyes it’s perfectly OK but for 1WE as the elect are NOT to be of this world and are called to be QaDaSh (set apart) and 2) in the eyes of the Creator He HATES IT! What people seem to forget is that WE were created for HIS pleasure and this world is NOT all about US or what WE want! YaHuWaH has want we need and NOT the other way around. Parents (especially men) this is a war for NOT only your souls but for your family / children's souls as well. Men were chosen to be the spiritual leader of the home, so the responsibility is yours. So men, you as the Lions of YaHuWaH CAN'T be Weak Men, get your home in order immediately because the Creator is watching and taking account! Lion and Lionesses rid your pride (house / intimidate family) of pagan objects, false images and symbols of deception. Parents, do we LOVE our children enough to tell them the truth and inform them that YaHuWaH HATES His elect taking part in these sinful, perverted and adulterous pagan holidays? Do we LOVE our children enough to equip them with the weapons of truth so that they can defend their souls against the lies and deception the enemy?


Have we ALL forgotten that Ha’SaTaN (the adversary) wants to KILL us and our children at ALL costs! We ALL have given in to our kids who see everyone else in the world joining in with the pagan holidays, but as kids they really don't know whats best for their RuWaCh (Spirit). The enemy has created so many counterfeit holidays (originally called Holy Days) that ALL the masses join in with. Society and the masses teaches that we ALL must fit in so that we don’t be made fun of or feel left out, but YaHuWaH and his scripture tells us to be QaDaSh (Set apart, uncommon, different, strange, a peculiar people) which is the total opposite of what this Babylonian world encourages. If masses of THIS world is doing it, that's a red flag! The old quoted goes “If it was EASY then EVERYONE would be doing it!” How fascinating is it that the masses (EVEN atheists or people who don’t claim ANY religion) take part in pagan holidays! WHY? because its EASY and for those who say they claim NO religion yet STILL celebrate these satanic holidays, NEWS FLASH you ARE in a religion, its called PAGANISM! If we say we follow the scriptures the scriptures then let us do so. The scriptures instruct us NOT to lie, and as parents we teach our kids NOT to lie to us, yet Christian parents all across the plant proudly lie to their kids every year when these adulterous holidays come around.

“Santa is real and that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, hypocrisy!”

Teacher get lets go for telling the truth!

A substitute teacher in New Jersey will not be returning to the Montville Township Public Schools (City of Los Altos, Calif.) A substitute teacher has been removed from a New Jersey school district after telling a group of first graders that Santa Claus is not real. In a statement obtained by USA TODAY, Montville Schools Superintendent Rene Rovtar said the teacher "is no longer working in the school district."

Earlier this week, Principal Michael Raj of Cedar Hill School in Montville, New Jersey, sent a letter to parents apologizing for a teacher who told a first grade class Santa was not real.

"As a father of four myself, I am truly aware of the sensitive nature of this announcement," Raj wrote, reports

Raj said he also talked to the teacher about her "poor judgment."

In an earlier statement to local outlets, Rene Rovtar, the superintendent, said she was "troubled and disheartened" by the teacher's decision.

2 Timothy 4:3-4 

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

And they shall turn away their ears from the TRUTH, and shall be turned unto fables.


Santa's Hat


Thousands of people during the Christmas holiday take part in wearing the Santa's (SaTaNs) hat NOT know what they are really doing. Sadly for most this holiday is all about them and their feeling and NOT about what the Heavenly Fathers feeling are! The Santa Hat as we know it "only" goes back to the 18th Century. The Santa ideal is still based mostly off of Victorian ideals of Santa, the actual story of Santa is a spin off of many pagan deities like old father time, father winter, Yule, etc. Since Santa is supposed to be a "grandfather like" figure, he's wearing clothing associated with grandfathers of the Victorian era - that old style (18th Century and very early 19th century) nightcap with an older styled suit. The traditional Santa hat is based of a men's nightcap. Down through the years this pagan object (just like many, many others) has changed to fit the times. The camauro is another spin off of this pagan traditional object and we see that the pope wears the same type of style cap. Not ONCE in scripture do we ever read where the set apart people of YaHuWaH took pagan objects or symbols (of other deities) and proudly wore them. Scripture DOES say however (multiple times) that YaHuWaH instructed the Hebrews (ABaRiY people) to burn and destroy ALL pagan objects and symbols!


THIS is what Saturnalia is ALL about!


Giving honor to a Nors god, decorating the homes with trees, asking Satan (yes you read that right Satan) for gifts, decorating the home inside/out with lights or items and taking part in the ritualistic pagan customs was NOT something that YHWSWA (YaHuWShuWA) and the 12 or ANY of the true YaHuWaH fearing Hebrews did. NEVER do we read in scripture where YaHuWShuWA and the 12 wore catholic camauro’s (def) or cult crosses around their necks. NEVER do we see in scripture where the 12 disciples decorated pagan trees with silver/gold and associated it with the mashiyach (messiah) YaHuWShuWA. NEVER do we read where every year they wrapped gifts to present to each other during the winter season. People think Hell-oween, Easter, Christ-mass and Ba’alentines pagan traditions were NOT prevalent back in the ancient times but if you do historical research, you will see that to be 100% false. If scripture says we are to follow and mimic our savior’s life, then that means exactly that. If it’s NOT written in scripture, then we should NOT do it! Our Creator is clearly specific when it comes what we need to do to be in right standing with him.

If Christians start adding things to YaHuWaH's word (like the Pharisees, Sadducee’s, Greeks and the pagan Emperor Constantine did) then they are in direct rebellion to what YaHuWaH said NOT to do? (ChaZuWN 22:18-19 "Revelation" and Deuteronomy 4:2) We understand that people DON'T want to talk about the truth regarding the holidays, but ignoring it does NOT make it magically go away and it does NOT change the fact that YaHuWaH still HATES IT! He records in a book everything we do and every decision we make. Hardly any preacher on the planet will tell you these facts we just mentioned and they will NEVER show you ALL the ridiculous overwhelming amounts of historical / scriptural data proving ALL these holidays origins are NOT only pagan, but that the fact that our Creator absolutely HATES IT!  We must seek the truth like the scriptures tell us to because the truth has been hidden on purpose. W'ere sorry to say but you WONT find the 100% truth on SUN-days in a building with a cross on its roof, which is on every other street corner. NO, you must first humble yourself, then pray in the true names, then seek it out and only a few will find it. (MaTaThiYaHuW 7:13-23 "Matthew")

Churches and pastors ALL over try to change the holidays but what they don’t realize is that they are still give credence to that pagan day, they are still taking part in the ritualistic acts and the deception continues. People can justify these holidays all they want, but YaHuWaH will ALWAYS see these holidays as spiritual adultery unto him. Just like in the natural when two people have sex, their souls are tied. The same applies in the spiritual sense, when one says they are faithful to YaHuWaH but decide to spiritually fornicates with false gods or pagan traditions, (in ANY shape, form or fashion) that soul becomes spiritually tied with the devil. We know that scripture says adultery is grounds for divorce, and again spiritual adultery was the reason YaHuWaH divorced 10 out of the 12 tribes of Israel. Churches refuse to teach that taking part in these pagan holidays is committing spiritual adultery against YHWH and the scriptures are VERY clear regarding divorce. (MaTaThiYaHuW 5:32 "Matthew") Scripture also says you CAN NOT pour new wine into and old wine skin because the old tainted wine corrupts the new and the skin will overflow and burst. (MaTaThiYaHuW 9:17 "Matthew") This is exactly what churches and people have always tried to do, create NEW traditions but the vile pagan origins have already been established by the devil. People say "We can take the holiday back for Christ!", but how can you take back something that was NEVER about YaHuWShuWA?

Pagan Christ-mass tree's (Nimrods reproductive organ) right on the altar of the LORD (Ba'al) in church Leviticus 26:1

"We Don't Do Christmas because of its sexually perverted origins!"


 Churches and pastors justify and defend these pagan holidays because (We will boldly say it) they have NO love for the truth, are under the strong delusion and are pagans and don’t even know it! (YaHuWChaNaN 4:24 "John") Pastors and churches have been under the spirit of Christianity for SO LONG that when YaHuWaH DOES grace them to hear the truth, they are too blind and too weak in the spirit to see and receive it. They will hold on to the lies EVEN when they themselves see the truth because fear has gripped their hearts. The same happened to us when our eyes were opened, but we loved the Creator too much so we searched out the truth for us and our families sake. Fear, weakness and confusion comes from the devil and in that weak state people give in to it and they justify in their minds the lies. They say that "Jesus, church, LORD, God and Christianity is ALL I know" but NEWS FLASH YaHuWaH has uncovered the truth for THOSE that love him! People can chose to stay in mental slavery or they can take the key of truth and unlock the chains from their mind, the CHOICE is theirs. If pastors have truly given up on there own souls that's fine, but what about ALL the children, teens, young adults, and other peoples souls in their congregation? Don't they deserve to a least get the chance to hear the truth? Just because pastors CHOOSE to continue the lies, ignore the truth and damn themselves, does NOT give them the right to drag their flock down with them. How sad and selfish is that, pastors ALL over have turned their backs on the truth, fulfilled the scriptures and compromised the word to please what the masses in their churches want to hear.




YaHuWaH did NOT force us to serve him, NO he loved us enough to give us the choice to willing serve him because we LOVE him. We clearly are instructed NOT to lie, yet people (Christians included) disobey YaHuWaH when it comes to teaching their kids about the true pagan origins of Santa Claus, Christmas Trees, the Easter Bunny, Halloween, Tooth Fairies, Egg hunts etc. This is very damaging because when those kids grow up to find out its ALL lies, they will NOW question the validity of the truth. The scriptures talk about soul ties and when when people have sex, their RuWaCh's (spirits) come together and forever join. If a person constantly whores around and has sex with different people, ALL those souls are tied to them. In many cases that person can catch a STD, some in which they will have forever, always reminding them of their sinful, disobedient fornicating lifestyle. The same happens in the RuWaCh realm, when a person has been having sex in the spirit (adultery, cheating, flirting with other false gods) behind YaHuWaH's back ALL their life, (via celebrating pagan holidays) they catch STD's. (Spiritual/Satanic Transmitted Disease) Those soul ties and STD's become so tied in a strong knot or have spread too far throughout the body that only cutting the ropes or a severe spiritual operation can save them, in short the healing process it going to HURT!


This is NOT about us and our wants, NO its about our Creator YaHuWaH and HIS wants. In talking to many Christians and people in general, majority express that they KNOW the holiday origins are ALL pagan but they still take part in them. There are SO many various opinions out there as to how, why, or why don’t people celebrate the holidays but have we even stopped to think what our Creator YaHuWaH thinks about us celebrating these pagan originated holidays? As we go back through the pages of history and read from the scriptures real Hebrew (NOT Greek / Aramaic) origins, we see that even WAY before YaHuWShuWA (AKA false pagan Jesus) was even born, paganism reigned supreme on the earth. These very same pagan traditions and customs is what got 10 out of the 12 tribes of Israel divorced from YaHuWaH because they committed spiritual adultery against him. (THIS is NEVER taught in churches) When I say divorced I mean YaHuWaH totally turned his back on their pagan disobedient ways. YaHuWaH commanded Israel NOT to worship him the way the pagan’s heathens worshiped their gods. Why? Because for 1) they were being disobedient and putting other false Alahym's (gods) traditions before YHWH, 2) scripture tell us YHWH is a jealous Alahym and 3) the pagan heathen ways of worship (Christ-mass/Hello-ween/Ba'alentines Day) were vile, hateful, and included rape and child sacrifices. 

December 25th


YaHuWaH NEVER gave the real birth date of YaHuWShuWA in the scriptures, so why do we celebrate it on the 25th December if the bible doesn't back it up? The birth of YaHuWShuWA probably didn't happen in year 1 but slightly earlier, somewhere between 2 BCE / BC and 7 BCE / BC, possibly in 4 BCE / BC. The first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was in 336AD, during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine,  first pagan Christian Roman Emperor. A few years later, Pope Julius the 1st officially declared that the birth of false savior Jesus would be celebrated on the 25th December. December 25th also was chosen because the Winter Solstice and the ancient pagan Roman midwinter festivals called 'Saturnalia' and 'Dies Natalis Solis Invicti' took place in December around this date - so it was a time when people already celebrated traditional things.

ALL the following Alahyms (Gods) have a the historic birth date of December 25th, except the true savior YaHuWShuWA!


Tammuz, born before 2600 BC
Krishna of India, before 3228 BC
Mithra of Persia, born before 1500 BC
Horus of Egypt before 2500, BC
Buddha, of India before 563, BC
Beddou, of the orient, born 1027 BC
Quetzalcoatl, Western Hemisphere, before 900 BC
Hercules, Son of Zeus, born around 500 BC
Attis of Phrygia, born around 1200 BC
Osiris of Egypt, beforebefore 2500 BC

pagan cake.jpg

Christmas List Origins


Here is the half man half horned animal, false god known as Molech. December 25th was the day that this deity required that children were sacrificed on the altar to him! Why December 25th? Because this is known in paganism as "the winter solstice" and it is supposedly the best time to offer up babies to Satan because the sun is being "reborn."  People would make a "wish list" for Molech and then they would place their babies to be burned alive into the arms of this god Molech along with their wish list, and they believed that by offering up their babies to this god on December 25th, they would receive everything that they had requested on their wish list in the year to come.


The image of Molech was a giant statue made of iron. Underneath this image was an oven, and it was stoked with wood until it became bright red. The image resembled today's modern day "Satan Claws" (Santa Clause) and people are still "offering up their children" to Molech the god of prosperity and materialism when they ignorantly allow their children to sit on the lap of the image of Santa/Satan.

Christmas Lights



Throughout history, candles have been used to ward off darkness and evil. The first use of candles in December was during the Roman Saturnalia festival, where tall tapers of wax were offered to Saturn as a symbol of his light and also given as a gift to guests. The Pagans also used candles during their Yule festivities, with candlelight and bonfires (bonfires) being used to welcome the nights beginning to get lighter. 


bay leaf wreath.png

Laurel or bay leaves were popular with the pagan Romans because the leaves were sacred to Apollo, the sun god. The ancient Romans used decorative wreaths, made from laurel wreaths as a sign of victory, and it is believed that this is where the seasonal hanging of wreaths on doors came from. In many cultures of the ancient times, the wreath is a sign / symbol of the women's vagina representing fertility, false worship, and idolatry. Nature worship is witchcraft, and behind it is the enemy's craftiness and deception. 

Deuteronomy 7:26

26 Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing.

Mistletoe's Pagan Druid Origins

pagan mistletoe.jpg

Mistletoe was revered as a sacred plant by the Celts, and the Norse cultures. Druids believed that mistletoe could protect against thunder and lightning. Priests would use a golden sickle to cut a piece of mistletoe from an oak tree, catching the branches before they reached the ground. The mistletoe would then be cut into small pieces and distributed amongst the people. Mistletoe was also a recognized as a druidic symbol of joy and peace. If enemies met each other underneath the woodland mistletoe, they were obliged to put down their weapons and form a truce until the following day. This is where the custom of hanging sprig ball of mistletoe from the ceiling and kissing under it originates from. Again NEVER once do we read where these traditions where repeated by the ABaRiY (Hebrew) people or YaHuWShuWA. NEVER do we read them putting their faith and trust in a plant, object, or symbol.


Holly and Ivy

holly and ivy.jpg

In Roman times, ivy was the symbol of Bacchus, who was the Greek god of wine and revelry. He wore it in his crown, and Pagans believed ivy to be a symbol of eternal life. Because of the pagan connotations surrounding ivy, early pagan Christians did not use ivy to decorate the inside of their "churches" to keep it so called set apart, but compromising to use it as an outdoor decoration. This tradition is popular in English/UK Christmas, but is not so popular in the U.S. The popularity of the Christmas hymn "The Holly and the Ivy" has helped ivy to become synonymous with Christmas time.

Christmas carols


Carols have been sung for thousands of years, but they were not originally Christmas carols. Originally, they were Pagan songs, that were sung at the celebrations surrounding the Winter Solstice festival. The word "carol" actually means a song or dance of joy and praise! They were written and sung during all four seasons, but it was only the tradition of singing them at Christmas (Saturnalia) that survived! Popular pagan solstice carols are: Deck the Halls, the Holy and the Ivy, Joy to the World, Tannenbaum, Wassailing Song, and Green Growth the Holly. Others songs down through history have been slightly altered to fit Yule.

The Pagan Tree

xmas tree.jpg

YaRaMiYaHuW 10 "Jeremiah"

1 Hear ye the word which YHWH speaketh unto you, O house of Israel:

2 Thus saith YHWH, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.

3 For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.

4 They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.

5 They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good.

6 Forasmuch as there is none like unto thee, O YHWH; thou art great, and thy NAME is great in might.


Deuteronomy 7:26

26 Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing.



The masses love to defend the lie and say that the Christmas tree is NOT a pagan symbol or that’s is NOT part of spiritual adultery, but once again the original Hebrew scriptures bare a very different record. Lets go back to the account of ALiYaHuW (Elijah) and the 450 pagan profits of BaAL (the LORD / Sun worship) and 400 profits of the groves, many, many years prior to YaRaMiYaHuW 10 (Jeremiah 10).

1 Kings 18

17 And it came to pass, when Ahab saw Elijah, that Ahab said unto him, Art thou he that troubleth Israel?

18 And he answered, I have not troubled Israel; but thou, and thy father's house, in that ye have forsaken the commandments of YHWH, and thou hast followed Baalim.

19 Now therefore send, and gather to me all Israel unto mount Carmel, and the prophets of Baal four hundred and fifty, and the prophets of the “groves” four hundred, which eat at Jezebel's table.

Lets take a look at the word “grove


A grove of trees in Norway


Let us always point out that a tree in itself is fine, for we know YaHuWaH made trees for a specific purpose and is perfect in his sight, BUT we have understand that YaShaRAL (Israel) was worshiping the tree along with the pagan masses. We know scripture states that YaHuWaH is a jealous ALaHiYM (might one) and YaShaRAL was worshiping the creation OVER the Creator! When people put material things, self, spouse, kids, family, money or traditions of men above YaHuWaH, this is when it catches the Creator attention, in a bad way!

Romans 1:25 

25 Who changed the truth of ALaHiyM into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. AMaN.

Websters 1988 Third Edition Dictionary

grove_1988 wesbster.jpg

So we read in the English Websters dictionary that a “grove” is a small group of trees. remember the scriptures have been translated, so lets take a deeper look at the word “grove” in ABaRiY (Hebrew) using the Strong’s Concordance. When we do we see the word Asherah (H842) which shows up 40 times in 40 verses.

asherah_strongs 002.jpg

The Strong’s Concordance educates us to the fact that the English word “groves” is Asherah in ABaRiY. We read Asherah is a female deity which used trees as an idol for her worship! Notice is also mentions Astrate or Ishtar / Easter (the pagan goddess of fertility and sex). Strong’s says for us to compare H6253.


As we read, Ashtoreth is a star and a female pagan deity associated with idol tree worship. Its very interesting that people put a star on top of the Christmas tree? Sadly these pagan objects are in homes all over the planet and this spirit of deception seduces people. Parents invite in these demonic spirits in their homes which are possessing their children and they have NO idea it’s happening!

ishtar on tree.jpg

Websters 1988 Third Edition Dictionary




 YaHuWaH LOVED mankind enough to send His one and only begotten son to warn and to make a way back for the elect ones that LOVE and WILLINGLY want to change their lifestyles to please Him (Not what they perceive is right or emotionally satisfying). Christians LOVE to say "God is ALL about love" or "God would NEVER just damn or kill people" or “god would NEVER divide up a family” or “that the bible is not about rules as to how we should live”, but our response is always "Apparently they have NOT taken the time to read / study the scriptures from its pure Hebrew source for themselves. The majority of people so are distracted with the things of this earth (getting ready to celebrate pagan holidays) that they willing swallowing down lies from unlearned pastors who DON'T care for the truth! We read in scripture MANY, MANY times where YaHuWaH gathered His Israelite army to specifically slaughter pagan / heathen worshiping nations! YaHuWaH told His army that upon annihilating these many nations, do NOT inquire about these various pagan false ALaHiYM's (translated to “gods” in English), do NOT take ANY prisoners, do NOT ask about there ways of worship, do NOT take their tainted gold / silver riches or idols and to NOT take on the customs of these pagan nations. YaHuWaH's explicit commands were to slaughter them ALL! Scripture clearly reads that NOT only did YaHuWaH command His armies to totally massacre all the men, women, children, infants and the animals of these pagan nations, but the Israelite's were also instructed to destroy / cut down / burn all these pagan nations groves of trees.

Why would YHWH go so far as to instruct them to burn their trees? It’s because ALL these pagan nations were also worshiping their man made decorated trees! Remember AGAIN, this is ALL before our savior YaHuWShuWA (AKA false Jesus) was even born and this pagan tradition of tree worship goes all the way back to ShaMuWTh 34:12-14 (Exodus). This is why in YaRaMiYaHuW 10:1-25 "Jeremiah" tree worship (now called the Christ-mass tree) was mentioned and the scripture tells us to learn NOT the ways of the heathen. There are MANY various scriptures that clearly state we are NOT to learn the way of the pagan heathens. (Deuteronomy 12:4, 12:31, and YaRaMiYaHuW 10:2) Historical research also has uncovered the fact that at least 10 pagan ALaHiYM's (Gods) had a December 25th birth date 100's of years before YaHuWShuWA was even born. So think about it, NOW that we know how YaHuWaH deals with pagan nations and HATES anything to do with false gods, does it sound right to you that YaHuWaH in his infinite wisdom / power would choose a birth date for His one and only begotten son to be on the same day that other pagan gods share??? NOYaHuWaH is unchanging, he is the same yesterday, today and forever! SO this means if he HATED tree worship / paganism back then, then he for sure HATES it today in these last, of the last days. (ChaZaN 2:5-6 "Revelation")


A similar practice referred to in scripture was raising an obelisk (a phallic symbol) next to a tree as an altar for the god represented by the tree. This was called an Asherah (pillar or pole) and was forbidden to YHWH's people. (Deuteronomy 7:5, 16:21, YaRaMiYaHuW 10:2-4 "Jeremiah") The Asherim (altars), where animals and humans were ritually sacrificed. This altar was often a tree stump, with the trunk snapped-off, leaving jagged spike-like splinters. The Christmas tree phenomenon is also a type of altar, where gifts and offerings are placed by or under. Nimrods mother/wife then decided to memorialize his penis by erecting a giant image of Nimrod's penis which today is called the obelisk (AKA Christmas tree). YaHuWaH warned Israel to not erect an Asherah next to His altar, nor bring a "detestable thing" into the house, but the masses all over joyfully bring these abominations into their homes during the perverted time of Christmas.  Even though people either DON'T know or DON'T care what the tree represented long ago, YaHuWaH hasn't forgotten at all!  He does not change. He dispersed the northern tribes of YaShaRAL into the nations, and they have lived as Pagans for 2700+ years. They left YaHuWaH Covenant, but they have held fast to the Asherim (plural of Asherah).


If the 25th was REALLY ALL about YaHuWShuWA's birth and HE is the reasons for the season, then why is it that EVERYONE else gets gifts but him? Can we NOT give him the gift of obedience like he commands us to do? (YaHuWChaNaN 4:24 ) If the "spirit of Christmass" was real and its purpose is was to give good will to ALL people, then why is it that we see Christians having the nastiest, ghetto attitude against others, all while wearing a shirt that says "Have a Merry Christmas"! Do you REALLY think YaHuWaH wanted people to be pressured into buying gifts and going into debt for material things just to "keep up with the Jones". NEVER in scripture do we read where YaHuWShuWA or his 12 took part an any of these things and he left his disciples as examples as to how we are to live. (ALaPh Kafa 2:21 "1 Peter" and YaHuWChaNaN 6:68, 13:15 "John") When someone asks me "Why don’t you celebrate the holidays like everybody else does?" my answer is always the same, "Show me in scripture where YaHuWaH says WE ARE to celebrate pagan holidays!"

 If you still don’t believe that pagan tree worship and its symbol is OK in the Creators eyes, read the following scriptures reading every green tree:

Deu 12:2, 1Ki 14:23, 2Ki 16:4, 2Ki 17:10, 2Ch 28:4, Isa 57:5, Jer 2:20, Jer 3:6, Jer 3:13 and Eze 6:13

So YES Christians, the false Latin created lie "Jesus" IS the reason for this wicked, sexually perverted pagan season!


NOW that you know the truth, when it comes to celebrating the holidays, ask yourself these questions: 1) "Who is getting the glory if you celebrate this holiday? and 2) If the Creator was right next to me, would he be pleased if I took part in this know that he HATES it? (Colossians 3:17, 23 and 1 Corinthians 10:31

Gift Giving


Many will say that the origins of gift giving starting because the wise men presented gifts to the MaShiYaCh at his birth but this is not true.  The custom of giving presents at Christmas originated from Saturnalia, the Roman feast of Saturn. The gifts that the Romans gave to each other were small, and given for luck. Charity towards those who were less fortunate was also was very popular at this time of year. Gift giving has developed and changed over the years and is now a multi-million dollar business, driven by commercialism and greed. So many people year after year go into debt trying to keep up with the deceptive spirit of Christmas. If Christmas was really about the birth of the MaShiYaCh YaHuWShuWA then why is everyone else getting gifts? What about the simple gift of just obeying YaHuWaH’s word (YaHuWShuWA made flesh). Do they really wants us to believe that going into debt and stressing out over gift money we don’t have and buying things for people we don’t know just because they gave us a gift, would be something that YaHuWaH ordained?

The Yule Log


yule log.jpg

The yule log is a reminder of the times when European pagans would have bonfires (bonfires) at the time of the winter solstice, thereby symbolizing the return of the sun with the days starting to get longer again. The Yule log played a major role in the Yule festivities, with a piece of the previous year's log being saved to start the fire the following year. Traditionally, it was brought into the house and placed ceremoniously in the fireplace and decorated with greenery, smothered with alcohol, and dusted with flour before being set on fire.

The log would then burn all night, before smoldering for twelve days. Celtic mythology told the stories of the Oak King and Holly King, with the Oak representing the time from the Winter Solstice to Summer Solstice, and the Holly representing the time from the Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice. Today, yule logs are often represented by a chocolate covered swiss roll cake, sprinkled with icing sugar to represent the flour that was dusted onto the log before burning, and decorated with small plastic sprigs of holly.

yule cake.jpg

The pagan deity Odin / the devil


Despite the fact that our modern day image of Father Christmas has largely been shaped by a 1930's Coca-Cola advertising campaign, he most definitely has Pagan roots. At the beginning of the 1930's, as the burgeoning Coca-Cola company was looking for ways to increase sales of their product during winter (then a slow time of year for the soft drink market), they turned to a talented commercial illustrator named Haddon Sundblom, who created a series of memorable drawings (inspired in large part by Clement Clark Moore’s 1822 poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas”) that associated the figure of a larger than life, red-and-white garbed Santa Claus with Coca-Cola and the slogan “The Pause That Refreshes”. Children all over the world are told that Father Christmas developed from St. Nicholas, but those people that follow Paganism know there is more to the story than that. There was a Pagan god named Odin, often depicted as a chubby old man with a white beard who wore a long flowing cloak. One of the most well known anagram in the occult world is the name of Sanat Kumara. Sanat is better known as Satan. Constance Cumbey, writes in her best-selling, new-age expose, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, ". . . they [New Agers] freely call Sanat Kumara (Satan) 'God'. And their doctrinal reference books by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Alice Ann Bailey freely cross-reference Sanat Kumara with Venus. In occult writings, Lucifer and Venus are one and the same."
(Constance Cumbey, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p. 138)


Have you ever noticed how easy it is to transform "Satan" from "Santa"? A simple Google search on "Satan Claus" (not Santa Claus – but SATAN Claus) found over 1,700 hits. Obviously, there are many that tie the two together. The rearranging of letters is called anagrams and its purpose is to hide secret names or words, this has long been practiced in the occult world. The Jewish Encyclopedia writes of the occult book called the KaBaLaH (in Hebrew means "Tradition"), so its a book of traditions for those who follow the religion of Judaism, down to its later Christian, New Age, and Occultist / western esoteric syncretic adaptations. One of the most well known anagram in the Occultist is the name of Sanat Kumara. Sanat is better known as Satan. Constance Cumbey, writes in her best-selling, new-age expose, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow p.138, ". . . they (New Ager's) freely call Sanat Kumara "Satan" God. Their Theosophical Society doctrinal reference books by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (a Satanist / new age teacher) and Alice Ann Bailey (another Theosophical leader if of the new age movement in 1917) freely cross-reference Sanat Kumara with Venus. In occult writings, Lucifer and Venus are one and the same." 


H.P. Blavatsky, the Satanist and new age teacher writes in The Secret Doctrine:

"many a mysterious sacred name. . . conveys to the profane ear no more than some ordinary, and often vulgar (common) word, because it is concealed anagrammatically or otherwise.
(H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, p.78)


There are many different origins of the Santa Claus that we know today, like St. Nicholas and Father Christmas. Most people don’t know though that one of the major inspirations for Santa Claus is actually the Viking god of war called Odin. In the old stories, like Santa Claus, Odin is an old guy with a long white beard. But if you’re naughty, instead of bringing you a lump of coal he was more likely to deliver punishment. Odin was famous for being the father of Thor the god of thunder and ruling the sky realm of Asgard. He also liked to roam Earth disguised as an old traveler wearing a cloak, hat, and spear. During a festival in December (called Yule) Odin would lead a group of supernatural beings across the sky in a crazy event called the Wild Hunt. Where Santa flies through the sky on a sleigh with eight reindeer, Odin rides Sleipnir, a fearsome horse with eight legs.


Odin riding Sleipnir

St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas, also called Nikolaos of Myra or Nicholas of Bari, was Bishop of Myra, in Asia Minor, and is a historic Christian (pagan)  saint. Because of the many miracles attributed to his intercession, he is also known as Nikolaos the Wonderworker. Saint Nicholas also was one of the 300 bishops who held a seat at the he Council of Nicaea in A.D. 325 along with Emperor Constantine.


Nicolaitans or followers of Nicolas (also Nicholaism, Nicolaitism, Nicolationism, or Nicolaitanism), is a Christian heresy sect that was mentioned in scriptures (Revelation 2:6, 2:15) whose deeds were strongly condemned. Their deeds and traditions may have been identical with those who held the doctrine of BaLiYM. Whatever their pagan practices and traditions the Nicolaitans were doing, YaHuWShuWA stay that he HATED it! So, if the son of the Heavenly Father HATED it, this mean the Heavenly Father YaHuWaH also HATES it!


ChaZuWN 2:6 "Revelation"

6 But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.


Hazon 2:14, 15

14 But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication.

15 So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate.


We read that the Nicolaitans were causing those who walked in the truth to stumble. Due to the carnal lifestyle of Nicolaitans and their pagan traditions / spiritual adultery (against YaHuWaH), YaHuWShuWA HATED them!


In the 17th century St. Nicholas paired with Krampus was tied into CHRISTIAN (pagan) celebrations. In fact, Krampus' roots have nothing to do with Christmas. Instead, they date back to pre-Germanic paganism in the region. His name originates with the German krampen, which means "claw," and tradition has it that he is the son of the Norse god of the underworld (Hell). Krampus would join St. Nicholas on his treks the night before St. Nicholas’ feast. While St. Nicholas would reward the good with gifts and treats, Krampus would punish the bad. In some cases he would leave coal, but darker tales tell of ill-behaved children being stuffed into his sack to be carried away to hell!

 The Star of Ishtar


Sadly so many people take part in these wicked holidays having NO IDEA what they are really doing or what spirits they are bringing into their homes. Ishtar (AKA Queen of heaven, Venus), is the goddess of war and sexual love. This Babylonian religion began with the worship of Ishtar (Isis - Astarte - Ashtaroth - Ishtar - Easter) expressed in many different forms and cultures of the world under many different names, but the essence of the false worship was the same. The 8 pointed star (link goes to Encyclopedia Britannica) of Ishtar is a symbol of the ancient Sumerian goddess of love, sensuality, fertility, procreation, and also of war. She later became identified by the Akkadians and Assyrians as the goddess Ishtar. The star on top of the Christmas tree represents this pagan false goddess, and the evergreen tree (or grove) itself is a pagan symbol used in fertility rites, because it stays green all year long. It was an early Babylonian custom to go out and place a gift by a tree during the winter solstice (Dec. 25th) as an offering to Tammuz / Nimrod, who was after his death, believed to be the SUN. In ancient Babylon these gifts were placed in the groves (a small group of trees) during the winter solstice. It is amazing after all the historical and biblical evidence points to that FACT that YaHuWaH disapproves of tree worship, Christians STILL proudly fight to justify their pagan idol, tree worship and, spiritual adultery!

In 2014 we cleaned out the garage and found this hiding in bin (which we quickly threw in the trash). This symbol was placed on top of a pagan tree for many years, NOT knowing it was the 8 pointed star of Ishtar the queen of heaven or Astarte, the Babylonian goddess! Oh how we ignorantly had demonic symbols in the home every year and sadly our Christian family / friends / pastor didn't love us enough to tell us the truth. We NOW know that it these objects and symbol offend the Creator! Thank you ABiY (Father) for opening our eyes to the truth, we will repay you and make you proud by leading our home in the truth. We will stand and proclaiming your true name “YaHuWaH” and your sons true name “YaHuWShuWA”, and we are proud to be persecuted for your names sake!


YaHuWShuWA 24:15 "Joshua"

15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve YHWH, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the ALaHiYM's which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the ALaHiYM's of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve YHWH.

Christmas Song

Get into the Christmas Spirit with this all time favorite!

These are the FACTS:

  1. NEVER once in scripture do we read where YaHuWShuWA celebrated his birthday let along any pagan traditions of the masses

  2. NEVER once do we read in scripture were any of the 12 disciples celebrated the birth of YaHuWShuWA let along any pagan traditions of the masses. They walked with him for 3 years before his death and NEVER once do we read in any of their writings were they took part in pagan traditions of the masses.

  3. We are commanded by the Creator YaHuWaH, NOT to add or remove from His word (YaHuWShuWA made flesh), so if its NOT in scripture we should’t be adding things in to please our fleshly desires, especially when its comes to spiritual adultery (via pagan worship)

  4. YaHuWaH is a jealous ALaHiYM and He HATES pagan worship because it is spiritual adultery against him

  5. YaHuWaH divorced 10 out of the 12 tribes of YaShaRAL “Israel” because of pagan idol worship (pagan holidays) which is spiritual adultery

When people refuse and don’t want to hear the beautiful truth, EVEN when the evidence is so overwhelming proven to be true, the scriptures states exactly what will happen to a person with type of RuWaCh:

2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 (KJV)

10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received NOT the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11 And for this cause ALaHiYM shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a LIE:

12 That they all might be damned who believed NOT the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Unlearn, Deprogram and Re-think EVERYTHING you were taught!


Once the truth is given to a person, and if that person TRULY loves the Creator, YaHuWaH is expecting they make an immediate change, NOT take their sweet time getting there when they feel like it!

ABaRiY 10:24 "Hebrews"

26 For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the TRUTH, there remaineth NO MORE sacrifice for sins


If you DON'T believe us regrading these facts, GOOD! Go do your own research and find out for yourself, but NOW you cant say you didn't know! 2 KhAPhA 2:21 "Peter"