Did you know that none of the disciples, the savior YaHuWShuWA or the Abary (Hebrew/Negro) people celebrated birthdays?

After many years of dedicated unbiased research, the purpose of this information is to be a starting point or stepping stone for everyone beginning their journey down the path of truth. We DON’T claim to know everything but as we make time for YaHuWaH, we grow and will be guided by the RuWaCh of truth YaHuWShuWA”. Always do your own research and validate everything EVERYONE says. We DON’T want you to think like us, we just want you to think! #FreeThinker 

The word birthday 

birthday - יום - H3117 (these Hebrew letters "יום" to English is "MWY" or "YuWM")

 Phonetic Spelling: yōm
Transliteration: yowm

Meaning: day (as opposed to night, 24 hour period), time (a day's journey), year, evening, morning, today, yesterday,


birthday - γενέσια - G1077

 Phonetic Spelling: ge-ne'-sē-ä
Transliteration: genesia

Meaning: a birthday celebration, a birthday feast
the earlier Greeks used this word of funeral commemorations, a festival commemorative of a deceased friend


As we read, the word birthday as we know it DOES NOT have a ABaRiY (Hebrew) origin. To the ABaRiY people YuWM just another day for them to be thankful that YaHuWaH gave them another day to live. The reason people in today's modern society make a big deal about their birthday is because of the conditioning. How quickly we forget that some cultures or countries (due to wars and famine) are more focused on survival than if they are going to get something for their birthday, for them everyday they are given to life is a gift. It's high time the people of YaHuWaH stop worshiping self!

Romans 1:25

25 Who changed the truth of ALaHiYM into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. AMaN


For masses, celebrating birthdays is NOT a ShaMaH (heaven) or lake of fire issue and it may not be, BUT when you are truly growing and maturing in the RuWaCh (spirit), the customs, worldly traditions and desires of THIS life fades away. In today's society birthdays have been blown way out of proportion, have become all about making money and people mainly focus on THEM receiving gifts. Once again the masses are more focused on self, worldly things, status, and showing off their material possessions instead of focusing on the world to come. People are so into self that they invent new birthday traditions to satiety their flesh, like declaring their birthday be celebrated that whole month! You will be surprised to learn that lots of people DON'T have ShaLuWM (peace) in life. Many portray outwardly in public and on social media that they have it all together, a successful career, a great marriage, a fancy house, multiple cars, the latest tech gadgets (material possessions), money in bank and that life is a total peach. Sadly this is FAR, FAR from the truth, they are so depressed and truly unhappy on the inside (with their-self), that the holidays, birthdays, and social gathering is what they thrive on to feel good. This is what happens when the RuWaCh of truth (YaHuWShuWA) is NOT present in someone life!



 YES we are to be thankful to YaHuWaH that we were given life, but NEVER once do we read about this type of mindset in scriptures among the elect. Sadly this goes to show how far off the path people have gotten. What people should be focusing on is the FACT that YaHuWaH has given them yet another day to mature in the ruwach and to get right with the Heavenly Father! The masses are under the impression that they have ALL the time in the world to get their life right, but sadly this is FAR from the truth! People will set aside time and prioritize the things THEY want, hence putting on the back burner what YaHuWaH wants! Historical facts prove over and over and that YaHuWShuWA was NEVER born on December 25th, BUT due to the carnal nature of the masses, they use that day as an excuse celebrate and get material things. No one can take any worldly possessions with us to the ShaMaH (Heaven), so why waste precocious time and money on things that WILL NOT help our RuWaCh growth in YaHuWaH and the truth! MaTaThiYaHuW 19:14 "Matthew"


Things like birthdays and pagan holidays are just another tool HaSaTaN (the adversary) uses to take peoples focus OFF tract of the whats important (the truth), hence distractions!



- the process of diverting the attention of an individual or group from a desired area of focus and thereby blocking or diminishing the reception of desired information

- a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else

- a diversion

- extreme agitation of the mind or emotions


etymology word origin




Listen to ACh Micheal (from Followers Of The Way) give a beautiful history lesson as to what the scriptures tell us regarding the question "Are Birthdays Celebrations Pagan"


In the following video "God Has Many Names" from 1:38 - 14:01 Micheal addresses a birthday comment that was left on his 1 year old video "Are Birthdays Celebrations Pagan"

Unlearn, Deprogram and Re-think EVERYTHING you were taught!


NOW that you know the truth, when it comes to celebrating the holidays, ask yourself these questions: 1) "Who is getting the glory if I celebrate this holiday? and 2) If the Creator was right next to me, would he be pleased if I took part in this? (Colossians 3:17,23 and 1 Corinthians 10:31


Once the truth is given to a person, and if that person TRULY loves the Creator, HE is expecting they make an immediate change, NOT take their sweet time getting there when they feel like it!


And the times of this ignorance YHWH winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent Acts 17:30


If you DON'T believe us regrading these facts, GOOD! Go do your own research and find out for yourself, but NOW you can't say you didn't know! 2 Kafa 2:21 "Peter"