Is YHWH Your Biggest Rock in Your Jar?

 It's interesting that ALL the small little mundane things in life take up MOST of peoples time. ShaTaN loves to distract people with pride so that they NEVER have, or WANT to make time to dig for the truth. The devil makes EVERYTHING else in this world is seem WAY more important. People jam pack their lives with SO many minuscule things, that when it comes to the MOST import thing (our relationship with the creator) people QUICKLY and EASILY put THAT on the back burner! We can look on social media websites (Like Facebook) and you can see what peoples BIG ROCKS truly are in their lives. Night clubbing, Vegas, Sport athletes, their dogs, fashion, favorite teams, their bodies, job achievements, politics, their family, friends, home upgrades, cars, fitness, etc. These things ARE their BIG ROCKS in this life because they bombard social media with these things on a daily basis! In essence there is nothing wrong with these things, but in most cases these have become peoples ALaHiYM (Mightly one) "God". They spend WAY more time on those things then the things of the creator! At a glance the masses SHOULD be able to distinguish a child of the one true ALaHiYM YaHuWaH from those of this world, but this NOT the case.


Sadly so MANY CHRISTIANS on social media are talking, posting and acting just like the masses of THIS world. They curse on social media, join in and share vulgar posts and yet they SAY "God" is there BIG ROCK! Again, the Babylonian whore churches have become so weak and watered down because pastors have compromised the word for the sake of what their congregation wants. (YaShAYaHuW 30:10 "Isaiah") If we as YaHuWaH's elect are called to be QaDaSh (set apart) then our BIG ROCKS SHOULD reflect that! How can we expect to have a deeper relationship with YaHuWaH if we only spend a few hours a week with him. How can we expect to have a deeper relationship with the creator while sitting under an unlearned pastor who we KNOW is NOT teaching REAL truth! Its a VERY different story when a crisis hits in life and people all of a sudden expect "god" (YaHuWaH) to answer their prayers and save the day immediately when THEY want!!! For those of you who HAVE talked to your pastor, (and asked them the HARD questions) NOT only do we applaud you but NOW you KNOW (as well as thousands of others) that pastors (local / and on TV) have NO desire to teach REAL truth. 


If your looking for REAL understanding and a REAL relationship with the creator, we will BOLDLY say that church is a waste of time! If you DON'T believe me go ask your pastors the HARD questions and find out the TRUTH for yourself. Yes MOST of your friends and loved ones are in the harlot church (in a strong delusion), BUT if you TRULY LOVE them, you will share the truth and show them right in scripture where YaHuWaH commands us to "COME OUT" of the harlot Babylonian churches! (ChaZuWaN 18:4 "Revelation" and YaRaMiYaHuW 51:45 "Jeremiah") YaHuWaH is NOT honoring anything that is being done in the modern day Babylonian Christian whore churches of today, and scripture after scriptures support this! YaHuWaH wants the elect to seek first "HIS" kingdom and if people do that with a humble and honest heart, everything else will be added unto them. (MaTaThiYaHuW 6:33 "Matthew") If someone says they love the creator YaHuWaH and his son YaHuWShuWA but their fruits DON'T show it, then DON'T fake it, say or act like loving the creator its one of their BIG ROCKS! If people NEVER take the time to REALLY study or get intimate with the creator and HIS truth, EVERYTHING else in this world will fill their jar first!