Qadash -H6942 - קדש - (these ABaRiY letters "קדש" to English is "SDQ" or "QaDaSh")
Phonetic Spelling: kä·dash' 
Transliteration: qadash
Meaning: "hallowed, holy, set apart, sanctified, dedicate, consecrated, honored, treated as sacred"


Living in this modern-day world as a woman with the pressure of socially accepted expectations on who we should become, how we should behave, what we should look like, and what we should look for in a mate can be very difficult and even, at times, overwhelming; but living in this world as a QaDaSh (set part) woman or Lioness who is trying live in truth according to the scriptures, can almost seem impossible. Walking in righteousness, according to YaHuWaH’s word, while still trying to fulfill the role of a wife, a mother, or a single female, in this secular world, can be one of rejection, sorrow, loneliness, and despair. Though, to truly walk in righteousness, as a QaDaSh woman, we must be vulnerable, willing to submit ourselves unto YaHuWaH, through his son YaHuWShuWA, and, with a pure heart, ShuWA “cry out” (which is the meaning of the last part of the Savior’s name YaHuWShuWA ).


ShuWA - H7769 - שוע (these ABaRiY letters to English consonants is "AWS" or "ShuWA")

Phonetic Spelling: shü'·ah

Transliteration: shuwa

Meaning: cry for help, to cry out


We as QaDaSh women, must learn how to control our emotions and not allow our emotions to control our attitude, our judgement, or our behaviors. The beauty is, if we ShuWA, with a pure heart, and allow YaHuWaH to prune and mold us, the RuWaCh will lead and guide us to all understanding and we will find ourselves in true ShaLuWM in a world of chaos with the ability to discern RuWaCh based truth from emotional-based lies. 




Attributes of Virtue


Daughters of YaHuWaH

In this video, the daughters of YaHuWaH have a bible study and discuss importance in putting your trust in the Heavenly Father and His Son.